Miron Violet Glass Bottle

Weight: .2kg
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Our bespoke Raw Essentials bottles are made using high-quality Miron (violet) glass, designed to protect the freshness and beneficial properties of the tea once opened against the harmful effects of light, which can damage the natural tea compounds.

This glass allows only violet, ultra-violet and infra-red light to pass into it; the result being that it raises the frequency of its contents. This type of violet flame glass was used alchemically in ancient Egypt to preserve substances. The reason this is possible is because the viable light spectrum, which nature uses to help things grow, is also used by nature to decompose plants after they are harvested. This same visible light is blocked by our Miron bottles, resulting in a significant delay in its decomposition process.

Product information
Weight .2 kg

1 review for Miron Violet Glass Bottle

  1. Felicity (verified owner)

    love the bottles.
    the tea stays so fresh

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