Double Walled Thermal Glass Flask – 400ml


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Sip on the go with our Double Walled Thermal Glass Flask!

A double layer of borosilicate glass keeps your tea nice and warm. There are two airtight twist-top lids to ensure your brew stays exactly where you want it, one at each end for convenience and versatility. The 400ml capacity means you get a proper tea fix, with a stainless-steel infuser to deliver a flawless tea moment. With features like that, you’re just a scoop, brew and sip away from a perfect cup anywhere, anytime.


1. Remove the lid and basket infuser. Then detach infuser from lid (pull gently)
2. Add 1-2 heaped teaspoon of Raw Essentials Tea into the infuser.
3. Fill flask with water with 90ºC water until 2cm/1 inch from the top.
4. Slowly lower the infuser basket into the water, and screw lid in place.
5. Infuse for the tea’s recommended time then, unscrew lid, carefully remove the infuser and allow to vent for one minute.

Rinse tea and herbs out of infuser immediately after steeping, to avoid it becoming a lot more difficult to remove later on.


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