Collagen Tea Infusions

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Mesh Ball Infuser

Mesh Ball Infuser

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Thermal Tea Flask – Stainless Steel- 500ml

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Glass Ice Tea Maker 1L

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Your beauty regime is ready whenever you are with all of the benefits of our loose-leaf Collagen Tea blend in our brand new Tea Bag Infusion range. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in a envelope, perfect for your handbag, desk drawer or wherever a kettle is on hand. You can now take your Collagen Tea infusions with you on the go- anywhere, anytime!

We have chosen 100% natural, unbleached paper teabags for our blends. Find out Why

In the ‘90’s, our co-founder Janet Roach spent a lot of time in Hong Kong mixing with a very affluent group of expat women. These women all had exquisite creamy pale glowing skin. All day they sipped a beautiful pale pink tea with a delicate flavour, slightly sweet and believed wholeheartedly that the tea was the reason for their lovely skin. They had it specially blended for them by a Master Chinese Herbalist. When Janet left to come back home their parting gift was the recipe of the tea.

While Collagen is most frequently mentioned in the beauty industry, its benefits are beyond skin deep.

Collagen has been shown in clinical studies to improve skin elasticity, moisture and retention to regrow hair and improve the rate of skin wound healing.

Raw Essentials sources the finest grade medical Collagen available on the market to ensure optimised results in every cup.


Sacred Lotus, Hibiscus, Rose Hip, Collagen, Papaya, Red Rose Petals


Infuse 1 Collagen Tea Infusion in water up to 90⁰ celsius. Steep for 3.5 – 5 minutes. Enjoy throughout the day and evening.

4 reviews for Collagen Tea Infusions

  1. Faten

    Very light and easy on the stomach
    Live the pastel pink colour and the gorgeous tea leaves

  2. Chrissy

    One of the best collagen tea’s I’ve tried. It tastes beautiful and I’ve used it for a few weeks and can see a definite glow to my skin.

  3. Nicole`

    This tea is liquid gold! My skin is absolutely glowing following daily drinking of the blend. Loving the convenience of the tea bag option too, I just pop one into my handbag and away I go!

  4. Lena H.

    A beautiful tea with the most gorgeous scent and flavour of roses that comes through. Feels like a very lovely treat after a long day.

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