Each of the ingredients in our blends are specifically chosen to serve you in some way. All with different purposes, be them health-wise or practically, we take pride in bringing delicious or exotic herbs to your homes.

Yerba Mate (Pronounced Yerba Ma-tay) is a part of the holly family, and is native to subtropical areas in South America.

We can’t get enough of its strength, that’s why we happily use it in our Power blend, helping keep you alert.

Used for herbal teas, the literal meaning of its’ name is ‘Herb’ and ‘Cup’, and it has been used as a beverage since as early as the 16th century. Traditionally, it is sipped from a dried and carved, hollow gourd, through a particular type of straw called a bombilla.

With a history and culture around it so rich, the traditions of drinking Yerba Mate in social situations is prevalent in countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Southern Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Alongside these traditions, it is used in aiding weight loss (it’s a weight suppressor), and for several other health benefits. So you can see why we are so adamant on using it in our teas!

The Power blend can be found online in our store.

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