The summer months are almost upon us! In the warmer weather, it’s unlikely that putting the kettle on is on your mind, so today we are going to talk you through brewing yourself delicious iced tea!

Don’t cheat the program by throwing some ice over hot tea, by taking a little bit of extra time, you’ll bring a whole new meaning (and flavour) to the words ICE TEA. But how?

Avoid brewing tea in hot water in an attempt to speed the process, bringing out the flavours at a faster rate. It is definitely not the best way to create a superb iced tea. Forcing a hot tea to be cold can often leave you with a rather bitter flavour in your mouth.

Our recommendation is to put several teaspoons’ of tea leaves into your pitcher (experiment with different amounts to find your preferred strength), and then leave for up to 10 hours! We suggest making it the night before, so you can wake up on a hot day with it ready!

To sweeten your brew (whilst impressing your guests) we suggest slicing some fresh fruit, like strawberries or orange!

Our favourite Iced brew (pictured) is the Raw Essentials Anti-Inflammatory Blend with sliced lemon (upon serving)!!

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2 replies on “WHEN ITS HOT, SERVE IT COLD.

  • Caroline

    Cant wait to try this! Just to clarify is the suggestion to place the tea in a pitcher of cold water the night before or does the water need to be hot and then cool over time? Thanks 🙂

    • Jake

      Hi Caroline,

      You can cold brew our teas, we found that it adds a unique flavour and still works just as well without hot water. We recommend hot water because the tea infuses much quicker, but if you have the time- definitely try a cold infusion as I personally think its tastes better!


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