What If The Missing Key To Detoxing And Achieving Optimal Health Was…Light?



What if the missing key to detoxing and achieving optimal health was…light?

This week, Janet returns to @alchemycryo to test out their ATP charger (Adenosine Triphosphate) – a light pod which uses the optimal wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to boost cellular energy known as ATP. The energy currency of life, these charging pods claim to boost the detox processes which help with autoimmunity, skin conditions, inflammation and brain health.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. What is the ATP Charger?
  2. What occurs during treatment?
  3. ATP Charger’s relationship to detoxing.
  4. Who would benefit from using the ATP Charger
  5. Recommended frequency of treatments? How long and often should the ATP Charger be used?



Janet Roach: Hi everyone, Janet Roach here from Raw Essentials Tea. I’m an international tea master, mad dog lover. Just want to quickly say that two of our pups from Animal Aid did get adopted, which is so exciting, keep up the good work guys. We’ve got another one coming up today.

Janet Roach: And, I’m here today, at Alchemy, with, and you’re going to get to know her so well, it’s Nitelle. Nitelle again. So, what we want to talk about today is, I have just come off a machine called the ATP Charger. Now, I’ll tell you about what it’s like, but I want to ask Nitelle. Alright, Nitelle, tell us what was happening when I was in the ATP Charger.

Nitelle: Yes, exactly. So, whilst you were relaxing in the ATP Charger, the red and the infra-red LED light is being absorbed by the mitochondria in your cells, and that was then converted to ATP cellular energy, which is used for self repair, for healing, for the functions of your body.

Janet Roach: So really what that means is that we decided that we’re going to try and cut out all the psychobabble, but I’m really glad that you know the science Nitelle, is that it puts energy into your cells, and that’s what, I felt like I went in there, it’s a 15 minute treatment, it is really really comforting and relaxing, and sort of very warming.

Janet Roach: It’s like it’s warming on a very deep level, and I really could feel like my cells were being energized in a way, this is just my experience, I suppose what I was imagining was that in my body, it’s dark in there, and I think that by going under this light that there was light going to places, quite deeply in my body, and energizing them, and that’s what it felt like. Very warming, calming sensation that was very, very deep but a wonderful, wonderful feeling. It’s a wonderful feeling, that treatment, isn’t it?

Nitelle: Yeah, it’s beautiful.

Janet Roach: Yeah. So, we’ve been talking a little bit about detoxing, and if the light was getting in and energizing the mitochondria, what I’m thinking is it’s very much perhaps about what we say about our tea, is that that then is energizing the body’s ability to detox itself, it’s putting energy into those systems, like the lymphatic system, like your adrenals, like your endocrine system. Those systems being given energy, and we sort of say with our tea, that what happens is that we give you the micro-nutrients in a natural balance which gets into those cells and then gives them the food and the fuel that they need to actually do the detoxing themselves.

Janet Roach: So we have a bit of a different idea about detoxing, there is no such thing as 3 pounds of impacted faeces anything in your colon, there is no such thing as all this terrible stuff that’s going to come out and go back to zero, and then you’re going to make more toxins again, it doesn’t work like that. We live in quite a toxic environment, but our body is very very capable of detoxing, giving it a boost and helping it is only making sure that it keeps on top of that and it works optimally. https://re-detoxessentials.com/the-detox-essentials

Janet Roach: Now, Nitelle I want to ask you, what sort of people come to use this treatment?

Nitelle: So, really a variety of people who come in for a preventive and practical approach to their health, so whether it be an athlete or reconditioning and also post, for speeding up recovery, and it also goes with autoimmune conditions. It’s very good at reducing inflammation and promoting antioxidant production, and reducing oxidative stress.

Janet Roach: Yeah.

Nitelle: So general wellbeing, absolutely.

Janet Roach: So then I ask you, if someone came and they were just looking for general wellbeing, how many times and how often would you say that they should use it?

Nitelle: Yeah, certainly. So it’s used around the world very frequently by many people, so whether it’s a few times a week, if it’s someone who has chronic pain then perhaps more frequently than that or arthritis, but for general wellbeing, a few times a week is wonderful.

Janet Roach: So we’re thinking two to three times a week. Now, I’ve actually written a book about detoxing. I’m trying to get this idea, I think that we’re being sold this whole creepy idea about detoxing, but really, I know a lot about it, I think it’s important to boost those systems. I’ve written a book that’ll just simplify the real idea about detoxing. Now, if you would like to get it, it’s a free book. I think everyone should know this because, you know, there’s so much crap going around, I have got no agenda, and I have written the truth as I see it about detoxing. The book is free, we can give it to you immediately, if you would push the link in the contents below, then we will send it straight out to you, and I really urge you to do this.

Janet Roach: Now, if people wanted to come and try this treatment, this treatment feels fantastic, and I feel an energy in myself. Can you tell everybody, where are you?

Nitelle: Yes, we’re at Alchemy Cryotherapy Centre here in South Yarra. You can pop in and see us, we’re here seven days a week, or you can give us a call on 85282079.

Janet Roach: And what hours are you open?

Nitelle: We’re open 11:00am until 7:00pm during the week, and 9pm on the weekends.

Janet Roach: And it’s actually 6 Daly Street, I know the address because we had to put it into our sat-nav. So it’s just a great place, we’re in the cryo room now, we’ve done cryotherapy, which was amazing for immunity, then we went and did the hyperbaric chamber, which is not called that, what do you call it? That’s right? And the oxygen therapy was absolutely amazing. And these things are boosting the body’s ability to do the things that it actually has been designed to do naturally.

Janet Roach: I just would like to remind you that I’ve written a book about detoxing, I really really urge you to get your hands on it, so that you’re not finding yourself doing any of these crazy things that are totally unnecessary, and aren’t going to do anything for your body. There are many many other treatments that we’ve come up with and that we’ve found that are really amazing, I urge you to have a bit of a think about if you’re interested in having a go, give Nitelle a call because you can come down here and you can do any one of the three. https://re-detoxessentials.com/the-detox-essentials

Janet Roach: Let me ask you, with the ATP, is there a certain order that it’s better to do them in?

Nitelle: Absolutely, they’re very complimentary and therefore actively enhance each other’s benefits. But we would suggest, in a sequence of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, then the cryo room, and then the ATP charger. For example, the cold helps with the absorption of the light, so it enhances that. So they just have a beautiful way of working together and enhancing the benefits.

Janet Roach: Oh my god, that’s fantastic. I also want to remind you, oh I’m so excited, we’re going to put up the second video of our tea challenge. We are getting results that are absolutely sensational. We have some girls that have really really lost weight on the slim tea, but not so ridiculously that they’re going to put it straight back on again. We have sleep stories from people that had not had a good night’s sleep in years, we are so, so, so thrilled that so many people that we invited to do the tea challenge, from all walks of life, all different ages, and we video them once a week and record them and find out how they’re going with their challenge, the challenge goes for 28 days.

Janet Roach: So we’re doing sleep and slim at the moment, have a look, it’s great. And again, I told you, I’ve written a book about detox, really, do not be fooled. Don’t waste your money. Get this book and go to the link below. Click on the link below in the contents, and you will get the book come out to you. You really need to do it, hooray we’ve got two little dogs gone, hooray for our tea challenge.

Janet Roach: Nitelle, always a pleasure to see you. You’re so wonderful to us, and I’d just like to say, that’s Janet Roach. Roger, over and out, and nourish yourself.


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