What Do All Mothers Want For Mother’s Day?


What do all mother’s want for Mother’s Day?

With mother’s day fast approaching, finding mum something she’ll really want can be difficult.

With this in mind, Janet Roach will be letting you all know what mum really want’s for Mother’s Day, and tell you about the amazing gift Raw Essentials Tea is giving away this Mother’s Day.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. What mum really wants for Mother’s Day
  2. How you can spoil your mum everyday, not just Mother’s Day
  3. Raw Essentials Tea Mother’s Day giveaway
  4. Raw Essentials Tea Society Challenge



Hi, I’m Janet Roach, I’m an International Tea Master, avid gardener, mad dog lover, proud mother and I am an original cast member on the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Do you just have so much going on in your life? Is your life so crammed with to-do lists,

Do you juggle your diary to the minute, working backwards from, how long will it take me to get there in the traffic, what time do I have to be there, and how long am I likely to be there before I can leave and get on with the next task.

Do you have to plan your meals etc in advance, working out, if you take Johnny to karate, will I be back in time to cook that meal, or no, I need to make a quick dinner tonight.

Do you spend your weekends catching up on housework, food shopping and planning meals for the week, washing, dropping off the dry cleaning, tidying the garden, driving the kids to sport and birthday parties?

Do you ever worry that this level of activity surely cannot be good for us?

Our bodies are designed for fight or flight. But to fight or run away only takes a few minutes. We seem to be in a constant state of acute activity that is never ending.

A couple weeks ago, I came across an interesting article titled, Survey Reveals- “What Mum really wants for Mothers Day?”

This whole idea of celebrating our Mums on one day of the year is great. You give her breakfast in bed, a wonderful lunch at a gorgeous restaurant, a spa day.

But they are all only for one day.

The survey listed all these things,

But the number one thing the survey revealed was that “What Mums really want for Mothers Day is to find a little “me” time in their lives.

Mums need to be encouraged to take a couple of breaks in their day, where they enjoy a nourishing cup of tea, sit in their favorite spot and just let the world go past without them for a few minutes.

What better gift could you give Mum than a nourishing, delicious tea that she can enjoy everyday of the year and do something really special for herself. With instructions that give her permission and encourage her to indulge herself. A little time out of her busy day to nourish herself.

Armed with this insight, Jake and I got together and decided to offer our loyal Tea Society Tribe a wonderful gift for mum this Mothers Day.

Now we couldn’t give all your Mothers a free gift, but we can offer one lucky Mum a beautiful gift that she can use everyday to encourage her to take some me-time.

All you have to do is click the learn more button or follow the link in the contents and fill in your details. Entries close Wednesday the 8th of May at midnight and the winner will be announced on Thursday the 9th May. This is the amazing gift you will win for your Mum. re-Mothersday.com

A beautiful tea pot with built in strainer,

Four generous matching mugs, then we thought, we may as well add the bowls and egg cups for a full breakfast set.

6 boxes of Slim Tea,

6 Boxes of Sleep Tea,

2 boxes of Immune Tea,

2 boxes of Memory Tea,

2 boxes of Menopause Tea,

2 x 80gm Detox AM pouches and

2 x 80 Detox PM Pouches.

This prize worth a whopping $423.00, and Mum will love it.

Remember, all you have to do is click the “learn more” button below or click the link in the contents to enter and win this amazing gift for mum. re-Mothersday.com

If you would also like to order tea for Mum for Mothers Day, we are offering 15% off.

Just enter the code MOTHERSDAY15 all lower case at checkout. Remember to order before midnight tonight to get your tea before Mothers Day, or choose the express shipping method at checkout.

Now I have a very important announcement to make.

At Raw Essentials we are giving 20 people the opportunity to be part of a Tea Society Challenge.

We invite entries to the challenge……….

10 people will do the Sleep Tea Challenge and 10 people will do the Slim Tea Challenge

The Challenges will run for 28 days each.

The participants will be required to come to my home one night per week for 28 days for an hour.

We will supply everything you need. You will get one on one time with me to answer any questions you may have and to get advice along the way.

As I live in Melbourne, about 10 minutes from the city, only people who live close to me will be able to apply.

Simply click the “learn more” button below or the link in the contents section and fill out the form.

You all know I love to hear from you.

So keep your comments coming.

If there is a particular subject you would like me to talk about, let me know.

This is Janet Roach saying goodbye to all my Tea Society tribe, and remember, Nourish Yourself

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