Travel Tips – Beat the Holiday Blues



Jet lag is such a drag after a holiday abroad. This, paired with coming home to normality, responsibilities, stressors and bad weather can really affect your body and mind.

Today, Janet spills her tips on how to beat these post-holiday blues after returning to Melbourne from her long trip to sunny Italy and stunning Greece (someone had to do it)!

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Jetlag – What is it? What causes it?
  2. Repercussions of jetlag and sleep deprivation
  3. What Janet implements into her routine to get over the “Holiday Blues”
  4. Get outdoors – Fresh air and natural light
  5. Get active – Increase your heart rate – increase your body temperature
  6. Sleep – Sleep tea – Get body clock adjusted back to your “normal”



Hello everyone, it’s Janet Roach here. International tea master, proud mother, mad dog-lover and today I want to talk to you about the holiday blues and how to beat them.

I’ve just got back from my amazing trip around Europe and coming back to this cold winter weather in Melbourne isn’t the cheeriest or best thing to be greeted by. Neither is jet lag. Also known as desynchronoses, occurring when you travel through multiple time zones, and it’s something I most definitely have. A physiological condition that results from a disruption to the body’s natural circadian rhythms, jet lag can really throw you off balance once you get home.

Having trouble sleeping is one thing, but the repercussions of less sleep can affect you in many different ways from a lack of energy to increased stress to weight gain and a major impact on your mental health. I guess this is why they call it the ‘Holiday Blues’. Not only this, but also coming back home to normality, routine, bad weather and stressors can really affect your body and mood. So, I really wanted to give you some tips on how to beat the holiday blues…some of the things I’ve been implementing into my routine to help me continue to feel refreshed, energized and happy well after my holiday has ended.

First, let’s talk about the weather. I’ve come back to cold Melbourne after weeks in the hot sun – a change like that is bound to confuse my body and mind. What’s easy to do is to stay inside all day, in the office or at home wrapped up warm, and to hardly step foot into the chilling outdoors. But this means you’ll be sat around inside all day without really getting any fresh air. I think fresh air is so important; it’s what you experience everyday of your holiday whilst you were outside. So how about emulating that, and take regular walks outdoors or even just sit outside and breath for ten minutes a day. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it will make.

The cold weather can also make you feel drowsy and tired, always wanting to wrap up warm and often thinking about the warmth of bed. Off-set these feelings of lethargy by getting active. Increase your heart rate by going on brisk walks around your neighbourhood, taking up yoga or maybe something even more intense like a boxing class or circuit training. These activities will increase your heart rate and generate your own body heat, as well as release endorphins and give you a rush of energy.

Speaking of energy, let’s bring this conversation back to sleep. Sleep is so important. Strongly linked to weight gain, a lack of sleep can affect your hormones and motivation to exercise, which causes those pounds to pile on. Not only this, but everything from concentration levels and productivity to the risk of heart disease and strokes can occur from a lack of sleep.

That’s exactly why I developed my Raw Essentials Sleep tea, so that I could get much more sleep and at a much improved quality. This tea is a delicious blend of natural herbs and flowers that help you relax and unwind. In here, we’ve got chamomile, which has been used since Roman times as a sedative. Lemongrass, which prolongs your sleep and simultaneously calms your muscles and nerves, as well as passionflower, which helps to relieve anxiety and insomnia. I really do think one of the biggest causes of ‘Holiday Blues’ is from jet lag and feeling lethargic and energy-deprived from a lack of sleep. So drinking this Sleep Tea before bed will help in encouraging a more relaxed and happy return back from your travels. I’ve written an e-book called ‘Simple Steps to Sleep Better Instantly’ which you can download today. Head to to get your free e-book which outlines all my important tips for acquiring improved sleep, including information around alcohol and sleep, the best sleep positions for couples, reading before bed and a delicious truffle recipe. Go to to get your hands on a free copy.

Now, I want to give you a few more tips on how to beat the ‘Holiday Blues’ that I’ve also been implementing into my routine. I’m making sure I have some nice activities in the calendar so that I have things to look forward to. Coming back from a trip with nothing else to look forward to can seem pretty bleak, so I’ve made sure that I have lots of things to do like meeting up with girlfriends and exciting day trips.

I also love to cook delicious and healthy meals when I’ve come back from a trip. I’ve been trying some amazing food in Greece and Italy and I have lots of recipes I’d love to make. Recreating the tastes of my trip will definitely help me to feel as if I was back there and know that I’ve gained something amazing from my holiday. Not only this, but cooking nutritious and healthy meals will give me good energy and hopefully will mean I get better sleep.

And one of my favourite things is seeing my dogs again who I’ve missed so much! They’re a perfect reminder why home is a wonderful place to be. If you have pets, release some tension and instantly feel happy by petting them and showing them some love.

So, even if you’re not jet lagged and don’t have the Holiday Blues, getting better sleep is integral to a healthy body and mind. If you’re looking to get better sleep, download my free e-book called ‘Simple Steps to Sleep Better Instantly’ to find all of my sleep tips, just go to to download it today.

I really hope I can fight this jet lag soon and I’ll be continuing to drink my Raw Essentials Sleep tea and re-gain my energy after coming back from my amazing trip. Don’t forget to download the e-book, and remember, nourish yourself.

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