The COLD Hard Facts of Using Cryo for Immunity



The COLD Hard Facts of Using Cryo for Immunity.

Janet plunges straight into temperatures of below -110 degrees Celsius in order to discuss the health benefits of the increasingly popular trend of Cryotherapy at @alchemycryo.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. What is cryotherapy? What occurs in the body during cryotherapy?
  2. Janet’s first reactions post cryotherapy.
  3. How your immunity is affected by cryotherapy?
  4. What other issues is cryotherapy used to treat?
  5. How often should you use cryotherapy?
  6. Alchemy Cryo contact details.



Janet: Okay everybody, the truth, the hard cold truth about cryotherapy and your immunity. My name is Janet Roach and boy, I am a little chilly, this is my very good friend Nitelle, thank you Nitelle so much, I have to tell you wow. When you’re in there it’s like whoa, but I actually feel amazing. I probably look dreadful, I don’t care, I actually feel amazing. It is an amazing experience. Nitelle can you explain to people what was actually happening, I mean, my body is freezing. May I take the robe please? Thank you.

Nitelle: I certainly can.

You just went into our cryotherapy room in here, and you briefly cooled your whole body, in just a few minutes there, including your head, neck and shoulders with very cold dry air.

Janet: Yes, very cold air.

Nitelle: Very cold dry air and what happens when you do that is, all your blood just rushes to your core, to protect your internal organs and your body does this very naturally, and when you step out, it’s going to rush all that blood back throughout your body, and in doing so will reduce inflammation, it increases immune cells, anti oxidant activity. It works your metabolism quite hard in there, to keep you warm essentially. Your body wants to take care of you.

Janet: Yes

Nitelle: It goes into a protective mechanism, all very naturally.

Janet: Everybody knows I do have arthritis in my thumbs and it’s quite quite sore, I drink a lot of anti-inflammatory tea, but I do have to say, coming out the first thing that I really really noticed is I have absolutely no discomfort in my hands at all. Which I have never, they are always a little bit sore and that’s just amazing! Is it something that is likely to last?

Nitelle: Yeah.

Janet: That is absolutely amazing! So then how is it that it improves my immunity? So let’s sort of talk about immunity first.

Nitelle: Yeah yeah. So it’s increasing certain immune cells, that have been shown to help with viruses, it’s also increasing your mitochondria, cellular energy, inflammation. It works very fast at reducing inflammation, by releasing epinephrine into the blood stream, into the brain, it’s just your bodies response to…

Janet: I have to tell you, I actually feel quite elated, I feel actually fantastic, not what I thought. When I was in there I thought ‘heavens above, get me out of here’. I do feel cold, but not uncomfortably so. So can you tell us what other things cryotherapy is good for?

Nitelle: Anything from brain function, help immune, energy, focus, to also skin as well, collagen. It helps to boost collagen, as well as sleep. As I have mentioned recovery, pain relief.

Janet: That’s the reason why these elite sports people tend to do that for recovery, they tend to put themselves into something similar, down the beach or ice baths.

Now Nitelle, I don’t know if you know but I have actually written a book about immunity. I didn’t write about cryotherapy because I didn’t know about it at the time when I wrote the book, I wish I had added it to it. But my book on immunity has got a lot to do with different ways that you can avoid getting colds and flu, it’s really really worth the read. It’s free and we’d love to give it to as many people as we can.

One thing I would like to say about immunity that I haven’t said in the past, is please please people if you are not well do not go out into the community. Just work from home if you can. I mean it’s the fact that we are out, you are actually contagious for the first twenty four hours before you even have the symptoms.

So as I’ve said, I have written an amazing book on immunity, I wish I knew about cryotherapy, I’ll add that to the next one. If you would like a copy please go to the contents below and click the link or go to the learn more button.

I have to tell you that cryotherapy, I would do that again. I think it is absolutely fantastic. How long are you guys been here?

Nitelle: Well it’s been about two and a half years now.

Janet: Do you have a lot of people that… Oh I’m sorry (crew member interrupts).

Crew member: We actually have a question from a viewer asking, “how often do you suggest this treatment?”

Nitelle: Great question. It really varies. I myself do it a couple of times a week, to keep inflammation low, immunity system strong, metabolism active and also to reduce stress…

Crew member: Yeah, and where can the viewers find you?

Nitelle: Oh. At

Janet: Here in South Yarra, and I have to tell you, as I’m warming up a bit I just want to give the people who are watching an idea of the experience, I feel fantastic. I feel very elated in my mood, very clear in my head. I thought when I came out, ‘goodness I won’t be able to talk’ but that’s not the case at all, I feel fantastic and I just don’t have any pain in my hands. It’s just absolutely amazing. Thanks Nitelle, it was really fast!

Nitelle: To give you an idea, your skin temperature rises so quickly, it’s 27.7 right now

Janet: And what was it when I came out?

Nitelle: 6

Janet: Oh yeah

Nitelle: You went in at 33, came out at 6 and now it’s 27. So your body is amazing, it can just naturally adapt, and then keep you warm again.

Janet: And you know while I was in there, something that I noticed, I just thought it would be unbearably cold but as I slowly breathed, my body had a warmth that went on the outside but which kind of negated that, it got really cold and my body would kind of regain the warmth into it. Just wonderful, I really enjoyed it. I would do it particularly, I cannot believe my hands. It’s actually really really strange, my God.

Nitelle thank you very very much for having us, I nearly froze my eyebrows off you know, make me look a bit like Groucho. I’ve written a book on immunity, if you would like a free copy go to learn more button below or go to the contents section. You know we would love to hear from you.

I’ve got, tomorrow our tea challenge people start, so you’re going to see a few of the  people who are doing the challenge and how it’s all going. Would love to hear from you! Please keep the comments coming and go and try cryotherapy, it’s really fabulous! Thank you.

Thank you Nitelle.

Nitelle: You are so welcome.


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