Passion Flower



-Sleep problems


-High blood pressure

Available in our Sleep and Aphrodisiac blends


Roots and leaves of the passion flower species, Maypop, were used by Native Americans and later on the colonists began using them as well. The leaves were used fresh or dried out to make a tea that was useful in treating epilepsy, hysteria and insomnia. This tincture even had properties that helped to soothe pain.

Several different species of passion flower have been found to work well as an anti-depressant. The roots and leaves are the most potent source of the compounds used to treat depression. The fruit and flowers have very little of this substance in them. The leaves and roots have also been used to enhance the effects of recreational drugs. Dried leaves can be smoked to produce a rather nice effect.


In early times because most people could not read or write, in Christian art and teaching, flowers were used as symbols representing profound metaphysical ideas and concepts to make it easier for the uneducated mass of people to understand.  In some cases symbols were taken from the earlier pagan times before Christianity.  The Passion flower became part of this tradition when it was adopted by early Catholic missionaries and brought back to Spain from the New World.