Many people have heard of coffee reading, but have you heard of tea reading? Reading tea leaves, or tasseography,  has been used as a method of fortune telling and interpreting the future in Asia and the Middle East for thousands of years.

There are many ways you can read your tea leaves, but most methods involve the same main basic steps.

First of all, make yourself a cup of tea! Tea reading  usually involves giving a little bit of yourself, so to  get an accurate reading, put in the effort during the preparation while also clearing your mind.

How you are feeling, and what you are thinking will affect the reading.  So, if you wanted to work on a particular issue, make that your main focus while enjoying your tea.

After this, quickly swirl your cup three times to allow some of the leaves to cling on to the side of the cup. Finally, slowly turn your cup upside down, to remove the extra tea leaves.

This is when you can finally start reading! Often, people find that self analysis of tea readings are more accurate, as the things that you see are more personal and specific to your own issues. Carefully look at the patterns the tea has made, and note what you think they might be.

There are a number of resources to derive meaning from your tea leaves, or you can arrive at your own interpretation.

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