Stress Management – How To Escape The Stress Cycle

Stress Management – How To Escape The Stress Cycle

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Are you a woman who feels burnt out and overwhelmed with an endless list of To Do’s?

This week, Janet talks to Rochelle Gance, a Mind, Body and Health coach who is bringing you her new program called Life Simplified. In this program, you’ll learn how to turn your life around, reduce stress and find greater levels of peace, calm and joy. Spilling many of her wellbeing tips, as well as letting you in on our own stress-free secrets, this is an episode that is all about YOU.

To find out more about Rochelle’s Life Simplified program go to: 

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Introducing Rochelle Gance and her program: Life Simplified
  2. What sort of people would Life Simplified appeal to?
  3. What can people expect when doing the Life Simplified program?
  4. How intense/ How much time is required?
  5. How to get in contact with Rochelle if you’re interested in participating in Life Simplified?


Janet Roach:                        Hi everybody. Janet Roach here, mad tea lover. Is that supposed to be like proud mother? Mad dog lover. I’m here today to talk to you about we’ve been doing a thing about stress. Recently I came across this absolutely lovely lady. This is Rochelle Gance. Say hi, Rochelle.

Rochelle Gance:                  Hi everyone. I’m happy to be here.

Janet Roach:                        I’m glad you’re happy to be here. We haven’t finished with you, let see if you’re happy at the end.

Rochelle has got this amazing program, and I think that it’s something I wanted all of my viewers to have an idea about, it’s called Life Simplified.

Rochelle, who do you think this is for? Who mainly? So people get a bit of an idea about who would be the sort of person that would do it?

Rochelle Gance:                When I think about your Life Simplified, especially we as women, I don’t know whether you’ve experienced feeling really busy, and running around, and exhausted and kind of feeling like you’ve got all these balls that you are juggling, and you’ve got plates that you’re balancing in the air, and you feel sometimes when you go out with your friends and family you find that your mind is racing a million miles an hour with all the things you’ve got to do.

Janet Roach:                        It gets so stressful. I get the feeling, I call it a mouse on a wheel. I’m continuously going like a mouse on a wheel, and if you feel like that, I think that we all feel a bit like that at some stage.

Rochelle, how is it that you came across this? And let’s just say this is actually a course that is done.

Rochelle Gance:                It’s a 6 week virtual program and we meet on a product called Zoom, which is really simple way. You can come in your pyjamas.

Janet Roach:                      And people can’t see you.

Rochelle Gance:                You can see from here up, so you don’t know what is happening from here down. That’s the program, it’s virtual.

Janet Roach:                        How do we find you, if people would like to know a little bit more?

Rochelle Gance:                I’ll talk a little bit more about it, but you can find out more about the program on

Janet Roach:                        You can also go to the link below in the contents to make it a little bit easier, if you would like to find Rochelle. Go onto her website and have a bit of a look. But this is a really amazing program, and I think it’s one of those real first world situations. Although, I suppose there’d be people in second and third worlds that would also be feeling these sorts of feelings.

Rochelle Gance:                I think everybody at times feels stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. I certainly do. I spent my whole life feeling like I didn’t really feel confident and didn’t feel like I had a lot of resilience and that resulted in body image, and eating issues, which I know I’m not alone. And basically none of us are alone, we all experience the same kind of stuff. I’ve discovered an understanding that really changed everything for me.

The thing that’s very different about the program that I’m talking about is that the program is about an understanding. And the thing about an understanding, which is different to so many self-help tools and techniques out there and concepts. I’ve tried I think almost all of them, and I maybe feel better for a few days, but then that didn’t last for very long.

Janet Roach:                      You sort of slip back, don’t you?

Rochelle Gance:                Yeah, because with something like a concept or a tool or a technique, it works sometimes when it does, and when it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Then, we’re back to where we were. But the thing about an understanding, I liken a bit to maybe like riding a bike. Before you knew how to ride a bike, it seems really hard and it’s very daunting and you’re like, “how am I ever going to be able to do this? How am I ever going to get to do this without falling off?” And then someone teaches you how to do it, and you get a bit more confident and you understand how to do it.

Janet Roach:                        Then it’s like second nature, and that’s what I was going to say. I love the idea that you actually call it an understanding. I liken it a little bit too. It’s like the painting drops. It’s like once you know it, you know it. It’s not that you’re there that you’ve got to study or anything like that. It is a wonderful tool for handling stress. And then it goes hand-in-hand, I’ve written a book called The Boundless Energy Plan. If you would like to get your hands on my book, go to our free ebook page and get a copy of The Boundless Energy Plan. It’s very much talking about stress, and we’ve got our Detox AM tea, we call it our happy tea. It sort of works on the cortisol and on your adrenals, we end up getting, sometimes, adrenal fatigue.

Rochelle, I want to know how did you find this? You said that you looked at a lot of other things. How did you stumble across it?

Rochelle Gance:                It was kind of by chance when I stumbled across it. I was actually in a meeting of someone I thought was a business coach, and she started talking about this understanding and it was very different to anything that I had heard or done before, because everything that I had done was kind of all about healing and doing something to make yourself better. But really what I talk about, I call it high mood therapy, because I think we all understand deep down that we’re not broken and that there’s nothing wrong with us, but sometimes we forget that. And I’m kind of pointing people back, again to our innate well-being that we always have.

That’s why this is very different, because when we have this understanding, it has ripple effects in all areas of our lives. We were talking specifically about stress, but it’s really anxiety overwhelmed.

Janet Roach:                        I’ve had a look at Rochelle’s website, and I think something that will help people get an idea of what this is like, you’ve really have got to go down to the link in the contents below. Rochelle, you’ve had some amazing responses to what she’s doing, fabulous. What did they say?

Rochelle Gance:                Somebody said to me that their husband had changed, even though they had never even done the course or that they feel a lot more calm and in ease as a result.

Janet Roach:                       Do you feel that they felt that their husband had changed because of the way they were now dealing with their partner had caused a change in the way that he then dealt with hurt?

Rochelle Gance:                Yeah, absolutely. Because the ripple effect of having an understanding, and it’s really an understanding about how we as human beings experience life. That’s something that’s very different. We were never taught that. I’d never heard of before. It’s understanding our humanness and how we create our reality. Because we’re really living in a world of thought, of creative reality, right?

What’s different is that we think that stress is caused by something outside of us. And when we think that it’s caused by something outside of us, we try and change it, and fix it, and control it. We do all these things.

Janet Roach:                        We get really upset about it and blame other things.

Rochelle Gance:                But when we understand that it’s really coming from our thinking coming from within us because nothing outside of us can make us feel like that. I’ve spent so much of my life being a victim of my circumstance and thinking that all these things were causing me to feel anxious.

Janet Roach:                        They were externally related, so they were all coming at you from outside. That’s what everybody thinks. That’s what I thought too.

Is there an age group, a type of person, is it mainly for women?

Rochelle Gance:                I’ve targeted it as women because I feel that’s where my passion lies, in helping other women to find more calm and peace, and to feel more resilient. But it’s any age. If I had known this when I was younger, life would be a lot easier. I really want to end a lot of the suffering that we experience as human beings. That suffering, which we innocently create without understanding why. I think my whole life when I look at it, it was all thinking, even coming and doing this today and feeling nervous. I know that it’s not doing this that is making me nervous, it’s the thinking I have around what will happen, what will be this and that, and all these things. I’ve done videos before, many times, but when you start to have all this thinking, then that’s what creates, it’s not the fact that we’re sitting here talking in front of the camera.

Janet Roach:                        We were talking about it the other day actually, Rochelle and I. I think it was that you were telling me about prisoners that had committed crimes, and if they had only realized that your thoughts are electrical currents going through your mind, they don’t mean anything. They actually really don’t. Everybody thinks that their thoughts are their reality, but they actually are not. It’s very interesting, I think that people that are prepared to do a bit of self-help and work on themselves become much more evolved as people. And when you are more evolved, if you can call it that, maybe it’s the wrong terminology; I think that it makes a really big difference to your relationships, not just with your partners, with the people you work with, with your children.

As I said, I’ve written a book, that is Boundless Energy Plan, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of boundless energy. It really is a great plan. If you’d like to get a copy of it, go to our free eBook page and I think we’re going to finish up in a few minutes. Rochelle, is there something else that you would like to pass on? Really go to the link below in the contents, do yourself a favour.

Rochelle Gance:                What you were saying about when we work on ourselves, this not really working on ourselves. This is so much simpler than that. That’s why I call it Life Simplified, because there’s really nothing that you need to do except to look in a different direction than where you’re already looking now, and direction of an understanding, as I said, about how we work as human beings. In my program, there’s no homework, there’s no to-dos. I think we all have enough of that.

It’s really about showing up. It’s a beautiful group of women that is more of a collaboration, and what I really noticed that was so wonderful for me, to see a light bulb moment, when I share something and then you hear something that’s helpful for you, and someone else hears something that’s helpful for them, that collaboration is really beautiful. I think as women it’s so special that we are able to connect in that way.

Janet Roach:                        And to be able to have a little bit of time out doing something that is for yourself. I think that’s what it is all about.

Thank you for coming in today, Rochelle. I want to tell you that I am going to be away for a few weeks, and Rochelle’s going to come in and talk to you on her own while I’m away. I really urge you to tune in and you’ll get a bit more information. Go to that website. Thank you very much for having us and remember, nourish yourself.

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