STRESS-ing The Importance of Rest and Relaxation



Stress and chronic stress negatively affect so many aspects of your life. From weight gain and mindset to relationships and sleep, it’s no wonder things seem a little hectic when life gets on top of you! In this live show, Janet discusses the importance of taking time out to relax in a busy lifestyle, and spills her tips on how best to decrease stress forever.



Hi everyone. This is Janet Roach, international tea master, proud mother, mad dog lover, loving myself in Santorini. And today I want to talk about, how to reset your body’s natural detox system to regain energy within days.

Now, being really, really stressed, it just affects so much. So many parts of you. It affects your weight, your mindset, your relationships, your sleep, your body tensions. Now, to be able to do pretty much what I’ve done and take off some time, can be so, so beneficial. But if you can’t take off time for a holiday, I mean me time is just as good.

This trip has just been so amazing for me. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t know if you find that after a while, I sometimes feel that I’m on a bit of a treadmill. Like a mouse on a treadmill. And I really, really need, I can’t always get away for a holiday, I really, really need to take some me time.

So, you don’t have to have a holiday, look a holiday is wonderful if you can do it. But if you can take some me time, just a small amount of time in your day to yourself. And that’s why I always make a point of doing three o’clock.

I make an appointment in my diary for three o’clock to say to myself, “Right, I’m going to stop, I’m going to make a cup of tea. I’m going to go to my favourite place. I’m going to sit, I’m going to clear my mind. I’m going to smell the roses and I’m just going to do something wonderful for me.” When I drink that tea and I smell that aroma and I’m feel that nourishment going down into my body. This is what I want you to feel.

Now, what other ways can you manage stress? Okay. As I said, taking me time, I think is one of the best things. Other things that you could do is drink the sleep tea. The sleep tea will help you get such a restful, unbroken, calm, relaxing sleep. It’ll calm your mind, relax your body, and that will really, really affect your weight.

If you’re not sleeping well, it really affects your weight. You want to do as other things to help with stress, drink slim tea. That will help you prevent putting on weight. And how stressful is it when we put on weight, we’re all stressed out maniacs, our clothes don’t fit.

You can drink our anti-inflammatory tea for tension in your body. And there’s lots of other things you can do. But I have written a book, and it’s called “The Truth About Detox”, but we’ve added another section to it, which is the ultimate of the definitive detox diet.

So the book is about the definitive detox diet and the truth about detoxing. If you’d like to get a copy, it’s free. Go to It’s completely free. We’ll send it out to you. It will make a huge difference in your life.

Other things that you can do that can help you with stress. You know that I was talking the other day about this earthing or grounding, and it was all about getting the ions from the earth into your feet. And they did this study where people went for a walk in nature and tested their heart rates and things like that, and they went for a walk in a street, same amount of distance. So they realized that the results had nothing to do with the fact that they walked. They walked the same amount of distance.

But the fact that when they came back with the people who had gone into nature, their heart rate was lower. Now, these are scientifically researched tests. Their heart rates were lower, they were a lot calmer, they felt a lot more refreshed than those people who had just walked the distance.

So getting out into the fresh air and having a bit of a walk. Yeah, I walk my little dogs. They’re very, very slow, so I’m out there smelling the roses, and it just reinvigorates me.

So another thing you can do, don’t forget that our lives are not about work. Nobody was on their death bed and said, “Oh my God, I wish I spent more time in the office.” And things that are important in our lives, are our friends and our family, and really spend time to nurture those relationships.

As I said, I’ve got a book that’s out, it’s called the Truth about detoxing, and we’ve added a new section which is the definitive detox diet. Get your hands on it, it will improve your energy. It will make you feel, you will not believe how much better you’ll feel. You will sleep better, and you will have your weight under control and you really need to get your hands on it.

Especially the people that are in the depths of winter now. I can’t tell you, look how beautiful this is, the boats in the background and all of that. That is really, really replenishing for your soul and for your spirit. And I feel guilty but I feel a million dollars. The break has given me a totally new perspective on everything that I’m doing in my life, and allowed me to strengthen my relationships.

So if you would like a copy of this book, Get yourself a copy. If you can’t have a break, make a beautiful cup of tea, something that you are doing for yourself, when you take time for yourself.

This is Janet Roach saying goodbye from beautiful Santorini. I’m off to Rome tomorrow via Athens. I know, someone’s got to do it. I miss you all, particularly my people, and nourish yourself. goodbye.


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