STOP EVERYTHING, nothing else matters.



This week Janet talks about how your health is your wealth and without it- everything else is pointless.

Don’t worry about where you live, the car your drive or where your next holiday will be- because without your health- nothing else matters.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Find out what Janet is all about, and what she stands for.
  2. 3 Truths Janet is certain of.
  3. Where all modern medicines are derived from.
  4. The only ways you can catch the Flu.



Stop everything, nothing else matters

My name is Janet Roach, I am an International Tea Master, avid gardener, mad dog lover, proud mum and tea and herbs are my obsession.

While I was thinking about what to chat with you about today I remembered something my good friend said to me. “Just because you know something, do not assume everyone knows it”.

So, with that in mind, I thought I would start at the beginning and talk about what I have learnt over my years of experimenting and observing.

I want to share with my tribe, what I believe, what I stand for and what I am about.

Firstly, the 3 truths I am absolutely certain of.

One. Our bodies are made up of a number of different systems that all work together to maintain our health and level of functioning, like the endocrine system, the lymphatic system, and the Immune system. Etc.

Two. These systems are regulated by micronutrients which our bodies cannot make on their own.

Three. The most efficient and effective way to get micronutrients into your body in a form that your body can absorb is through steeping plants in hot water and drinking them.

That’s the reason Chinese Herbal Medicine has been around for over 5000 years and is still going strong. The Chinese found out that the best results were achieved when a combination of herbs were steeped in hot water and consumed. All modern medicine was originally derived from plants.

These three truths have been totally backed up by science.

So, basically, the single best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to nourish your body regularly with the proven method of drinking teas and herbs in hot water.

As we near the beginning of winter, the most important system to nourish at the moment would have to be the Immune system, With that in mind, I decided to write a book on the Immune system, called Supercharge your Immunity. In it I discuss the do’s and don’ts of cold and flu prevention, the best way to supercharge your immune system, and I discuss some of the flu prevention myths,

If you want to live longer, stronger and disease free I strongly urge you to get your free copy by clicking the title above and find the link in the contents.

If you don’t,

Don’t worry about your career, all that work will be worth nothing if your health is poor and you are unable to enjoy your success.

Don’t worry about your weight or your diet; it won’t matter if you are fat, if you are in poor health or dead.

Don’t worry about making a bucket list, your health will not allow you to participate in any of the things on the list anyway.

Don’t worry about where you live, the car you drive, where your next holiday will be.

If your health is not good, you don’t have to worry about enjoying anything, because you will not be able to.

Without your health, everything else is pointless.

Now we have established that you have nothing without your health. And to keep your health at its optimum you need to nourish all the systems in the body that regulate your health, it’s a total no brainer.

We are heading into winter, which is the cold and flu season.

Winter doesn’t start till next month and already the flu virus has tripled the amount of hospitalisations as opposed to previous years with 17 people dead.

This flu is the H3N2 strain. It is particularly severe and highly contagious. The flu vaccine is only 10-30% effective on this strain which is particularly dangerous to children and the elderly.

It has never been more important to have an immune system that is highly effective. Your immune system is your best defense against colds and flu and the only way to nourish your Immune system is to saturate it with the micronutrients it needs for fuel.

The most effective way to absorb your micronutrients is to drink teas with herbs that contain the necessary nutrients.

There are many other benefits to having a good immune system.

You look better with clear eyes and skin,

You feel and perform better

You age better

You live longer and stronger.

As I mentioned earlier, I have written a book on the subject called Supercharge your Immunity. I am keen to get a copy out there to everyone as it explains exactly how we catch the flu and many great tips on how to avoid it.

If you would like a free copy, simply click the title above and find the link in the contents section.

We have plenty of applicants for our Tea Society Challenge and applications close at the end of May when we will be announcing the participants.

Next month we will be running a Slim Tea Challenge and a sleep tea challenge.

Each challenge will involve the participants to drink either slim tea everyday for a month, or Sleep tea, every evening for a month. We will provide the tea, a book called “The ultimate guide to clean eating”, a teapot with built in strainer, 2 weeks free at Kaya Gym, and unlimited access to myself for advice and support throughout the Challenge.

At the end of the month you will have the honor of becoming the inaugural Tea Society – gold class members, the benefits of which will be announced at the final ceremony.

We have had an amazing amount of people from overseas apply. We were only doing Melbourne city as we wanted to see the participants but with applicants from UK, America, France, and New Zealand we have decided to allow those people to participate on Skype. So if you would like to participate in the challenge on skype, go ahead and enter, just click on the contents above and click the link.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go into winter knowing you were not going to get a cold or the flu? Or in the unlikely event that you did catch a cold, it would be short and mild.

If you start drinking our Immune tea now, say 4 cups a day for a month. And continue on through winter, you will boost and nourish your immune system. You can say goodbye to colds and flu.

You know I love hearing from you, so please keep those comments coming.

Until next week this is Janet Roach saying goodbye,

And remember

Nourish Yourself!

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