Spring Cleaning : Detox Your Life

Spring Cleaning – Detox Your Life

It’s that time of the year again, you’re pulling yourself slowly out of winter and into warmer weather. How are you feeling? Sluggish from the cold?

Well Janet has the perfect solution for you: Spring Cleaning. It’s time to detox your life to welcome in the Spring and gain the most energy, clarity and vitality you have EVER had.

This week, Janet spills all of her Spring Cleaning Detox tips so that you can feel incredible.


Here’s what we cover:

  1. Reemerging after the winter hibernation
  2. Jakes story “From Tragedy to Triumph
  3. Detoxing after winter – Physically and externally
  4. Making the places you inhabit inspirational
  5. Spring Cleaning your mind



Hello everyone, it’s Janet Roach here. International tea master, proud mother, mad dog-lover and I want to start this week’s live by asking you a question.

How are you feeling now that winter is finally over?

Are you shaking off the sickness you might’ve experienced during the colder months? How are your stress levels? Are they through the roof? Has your space become cluttered as you’ve been spending far more time indoors than outside?

Don’t worry, because I feel the same. Now that spring has finally appeared, it’s time to turn things around. It’s time to completely detox our lives, ready to fully enjoy the warmer months. I’ve got quite a few tips on how to do this. I have put together a book with all my best ideas and research and have included some extras.

Like the story about how Jake overcame his demons, It’s a fascinating story and relates significantly too our topic today.

I have included our Boundless Energy diet plan. Following this proven plan will help you kick start your exit from the cocoon of winter. With easy to follow, step by step instructions, you cannot fail to see amazing results.

I explain ways to help your body overcome stress naturally and easily with no side effects and no drugs. And best of all I explain ways to supercharge your mental clarity and memory.

The book is called From Tragedy to Triumph. You cannot get a copy anywhere else. Best of all I am offering it to you free of charge for a limited time only. If you would like a copy, and you had better be quick, just go to Re-detoxessentials.com.

Flushing out toxins that have accumulated in your body over winter is the perfect way to begin the process towards a clearer mind, an improved energy and a zest for life.

Now, speaking of getting rid of toxins, let’s think about all the negative energies in your life right now. There are probably negative people in your life that continuously bring you down, stressful jobs and tasks that have been on your to-do list forever, and negative environments that need cleaning up. Not to mention how bad your digestion has gotten, your sporadic headaches and aches and pains in general. All of this needs to be cleaned up immediately.

First of all, let’s make the spaces we inhabit places of inspiration. Take a day to tidy everything up, whether it’s your bedroom, your office, or your kitchen. Tackle a corner of the room at a time and take breaks in between. Declutter anything that you don’t need, so that you’re left with a clean space that doesn’t distract you or make you feel anxious. In the kitchen, organize the cupboards and pantry so that everything has a place, so when you’re cooking dinner, you know exactly where you can find the ingredients. This will reduce stress in the long-run and will be efficient and save time, too. In your office, do the same thing. File any loose papers away, remove old tea cups and clean your keyboard and computer screen (the amount of germs on those things is shocking)!

Now that the spaces you inhabit are tidy, it’s time to look at Spring-cleaning the mind. Winter has brought months of being cooped up, lots of stress, your body has become tense from trying to keep warm and it’s easy to run away with negative thought patterns. It’s time to turn this around. Now the weather has become a little warmer, it’s nice to head outside on walks and clear your mind. Moving your body and fresh air both release endorphins and will help to de-stress. Or how about meditation? And let’s not forget about technology. Constantly being exposed to blue light and anything you see on social media can be quite damaging. Limit screen time by restraining from picking up your phone in the morning and listen to podcasts or music instead. During your lunch breaks, get away from your screen and head out on a walk, and at night, turn off your phone 45 minutes before sleeping and read a book.

The body plays a huge part on how the mind works. If your body isn’t running optimally, then it can really affect your stress levels and your outlook on life. I’ve created an incredible detox diet that you can follow this season to spring clean your body and gain incredible amounts of energy. You can find this diet in my free eBook called ‘From Tragedy to Triumph’ which outlines everything you need to do to change your life and feel the healthiest you have ever felt. Go to re-detoxessentials.com download the eBook and follow this diet to really see some amazing changes.

I’m going to go and begin my Spring Cleaning and hopefully I’ve inspired you to do the same. Don’t forget to download that eBook. One of our Raw Essential’s followers, Harry, managed to lose an incredible 10kgs in a month from following this diet and drinking my tea. Let’s see how you get on. Go to re-detoxessentials.com download my eBook and remember, nourish yourself.


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