The rehabilitation process for Burns survivors is a painful and lengthy process. In addition it is also very expensive, largely due to the fact that the treatments are not cheap and require recurring visits to the dermatologist.

Our Foundation was established in 2015, by both Janet and Jake and is dedicated to the rehabilitation of burns survivors and their families, aiding them through the extensive road to recovery. Proceeds from every Raw Essentials purchase go towards this vision, alongside generous donations received from other channels.

After winning a very large and very generous prize of $30,000 from Celebrity Family Feud we are SO excited to finally be able to get the ball rolling with rehabilitation, starting with our Foundation Ambassador, Brittany Edwards. A young girl who our Co-Founder Jake Zogoolas met and became friendly with whilst in hospital, one of the sole reasons he desired the charity in the first place after sympathising with her and other patients in the ward.

But what does this mean? Treatments vary on a case by case basis but typically, most patients will require C02 Laser, a painful laser treatment used to reduce redness of scarring. The second most common treatment is 5-FU injections, used to reduce the thickness of scar tissue.

In addition, after Janet’s diagnosis of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) it became really evident and important for us to include the patient’s family within our vision. Too often we don’t consider the repercussions these traumatic experiences have on the people around those suffering. In order to support them through this difficult time, we can arrange Psychological evaluations where necessary.

To view the BTS from the Family Fued Episode- Visit this Link – Family Fued BTS

To make a direct donation to the Roach Foundation, please visit this link – THANK YOU

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