Revealed: The Big Secret the Health Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know



Revealed: The Big Secret the Health Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

This week Janet gives you the dirt on the big secret the health industry doesn’t want you to know.

She’ll be covering topics like bioavailability, as well as macro and micro nutrients and their importance to our over all health.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. The un-natural truth about health supplements
  2. What’s in your supplements?
  3. Bioavailability – What is it? How it affects supplements?
  4. Macronutrients vs Micronutrients
  5. Micronutrients for the immune system
  6. Micronutrient extraction from herbs and tea



Revealed: the big secret the health industry doesn’t want you to know.

Hi, my name is Janet Roach. I’m an international tea master, an avid gardener, a mad dog lover and a proud mum. The healing power of tea and herbs is my obsession.

So let’s just cut to the chase. Misinformation, unsubstantiated claims and false perceptions have us immersed in the world of health supplements. The unnatural truth is that most supplements are partially, if not entirely, synthetic. Now that really freaks me out. Worryingly, the word “natural” is thrown around quite liberally in the health food world.

Even though supplements claim to be natural, often using synthetic extraction methods. It’s not uncommon for petroleum extracts, cold tar derivatives, chemically processed sugar plus acids and industrial chemicals to be present during extraction and concoction or in compounds itself. Whilst researching this subject, I got hold of an ingredients list of a couple of very well known brands of vitamins. I was absolutely horrified to find that one brand listed acetone. That’s nail polish remover as the main ingredient in their vitamin C.

While the term bio-identical is defined as mimicking nature, it is still synthetic despite the word “identical”, deceptively implying otherwise. So as for those vitamins and supplements that are authentically a 100% natural, it needs to be taken into account the method in which they’re processed. The rule of thumb, the closer you come to consuming nutrients in their natural state, the better.

Vitamins and minerals interact when consumed naturally as one. Working collectively along with phytonutrients and supporting molecules found in plants that are required for absorption into the body. I am sceptical about how much a body can absorb if we isolate one vitamin or mineral.

To maintain your brain, muscle, bone, nerves, skin, blood circulation and immune system, your body requires a steady supply of many different raw materials, both macronutrients and micronutrients. Namely large amounts of macronutrients, you know, your proteins, your fats, your carbohydrates, while you only need a small number of micronutrients, which are you vitamins and your minerals. Even those small quantities virtually guarantees disease.

Consuming a sufficient amount of micronutrients in your diet can be a challenge, particularly since some are even yet to be discovered. I’ve written a book on the subject called The Ultimate Guide to Clean Eating. In the book, I look at the reasons why we need to avoid packaged and processed foods and drinks. The benefits to your energy, vitality and mood that clean eating will have on your life. I really want everyone to get a copy of this book so I’m offering it free to my loyal Tea Society tribe. If you’d like a free copy, go to the link below.

Today I really want to talk to you about the importance of micronutrients. Nearly 30 vitamins and minerals that your body can’t manufacture in sufficient amounts on its own are called essential micronutrients. British sailors learnt centuries ago that living for months without fresh fruits or vegetables, the main source of vitamin C, caused bleeding gums and the listlessness of scurvy, a disease that often proved fatal.

We’re exposed to a variety of infectious agents in the environment such as bacteria, viruses and even parasites. One recently published study indicates that viruses can spread from one person to another through very fine air particles, exchanged by just breathing. The tiny particles stay suspended in the air for a long time, exhaled by someone who may not even be symptomatically ill. This means that a sick person doesn’t have to be coughing or sneezing to spread the virus.

Any seasonal change challenges the immune system with new pathogens, so our immune system needs to be functioning at its optimum to fight infectious agents. Although almost everyone gets exposed to the influenza virus, statistically only one in five adults actually reports sickness. The current flu season has been more severe than in previous years. The H3N2 flu virus has been very, very active this season and the problem is that’s it only 10 to 30% of the vaccination that is actually being able to keep the infection under control.

The infection with the H3N2 has already tripled the flu-related hospitalization rates of previous years. Five micronutrients, vitamin B6, C, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc play roles in maintaining your immune function. Plants are the best source of micronutrients and teas and herbs are the best method of extracting and absorbing those micronutrients. When you brew high quality tea you’ll maximize the nutrition if you infuse multiple times.

Remember to never use boiling water, it will kill the micronutrients. Only use water that is no hotter than 90 degrees. The first steeping extracts 15% of the nutrients and the second steeping extracts another 12%. The third extracts 8% and so on, so of course you want to stop re-steeping the tea when it runs out of flavour. The bottom line is if you want to make sure you provide your body with all the micronutrients you need to function, you need to add one small luxury to your daily routine.

You need to take five minutes out of your day, find a quiet spot, brew a quality herbal tea and drink it while you let the world go by. Inhale the aroma and feel the nourishing going all the way down in your body. A good herbal tea has all the micronutrients you need in abundance in the correct combination for your body to use with no side effects. I’ve written a book called The Ultimate Guide to Clean Eating. If you combine the knowledge that you will learn in the book with the abundance of micronutrients you will consume in your tea, you won’t believe the difference in how much energy and vitality you have. Please, do yourself a favour. You’ve got nothing to lose. Go to the link below.

One trend I want to talk to you about is that lately I see that this trend is really taking off. It’s a whole lot of brides and bridesmaids that are giving each other our slim tea as gifts. They’re drinking the tea before the big day and the results have been amazing. If you’re getting married or if you’re a bridesmaid, thinking of giving our slim tea as a gift to the wedding party. We’ve seen amazing results and everybody is loving the tea. I’d also like to remind everyone that Raw Essentials is running a tea challenge next month. We look forward to our journey with you and enjoying your success throughout this challenge.

The challenge consists of 28 days of drinking Raw Essentials tea. Each week, we’ll get together at my home and discuss how you’re feeling and problems you might be having, or talk about any advice that you might need. We’d be interested to hear any stories you wish to share about your week and to track your progress. As I live in Melbourne close to the city, only people who live nearby should enter. When you complete your challenge for 28 days, you will have the honour of becoming an inaugural member of the Tea Society Gold Class. Anyone may join the Tea Society but only those who’ve completed the challenge enjoy the position of Gold Class and will be sworn in at the final gathering where the benefits of being a gold member will be unveiled.

To enter the challenge, go to the link in the contents below. Hurry because places are filling up quickly. I always love to hear from my loyal Tea Society tribe so don’t forget to comment and leave feedback for me. This is Janet Roach reminding you all to nourish yourself.

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