I absolutely love working on my inner zen and calming myself with a cup of tea before a stressful day ahead. It is a daily ritual that I have developed as my commitments have grown, giving myself that five minutes of “me” time before a crazy day begins. No words. No electronics. Just me, myself, and my tea. Having done this for quite some time, I have tasted a lot of teas…and I mean A LOT. I have my daily favourites and I have my special occasion teas. So when coming across new Australian tea company Raw Essentials, I was super curious to see what it was all about and whether it was worth stocking up on.

Of the six essential tea variations, I decided to change things up and trial the unique Power Tea. With Winter ahead of us, it is easy to get run down and become sick – something that none of us can really afford to be. This tea hits the nail on the head by giving you that extra bit of energy you need to keep going. Also, on top of my long list of daily commitments, shoots, events, law study, and meetings, I need to squeeze in the time and energy to hit the gym. This is next to impossible to do without ending the day absolutely exhausted.

Unfortunately I have never been a fan of unnatural “pre-workout” drinks, so they are absolutely out of the question for me. This delicious natural tea blend however is an option, and not only is it extremely tasty, calming and relaxing, but it somehow miraculously gives you the energy to kickstart your commitments head first even if you wake up feeling sluggish.


The fine ingredients inside the tea nourish and rebalance, for a new uplifting daily ritual. Yerba Mate, a potent herb inside the tea is a key ingredient focusing on keeping you alert, while Gaba, another key ingredient, has been scientifically proven to help improve mental focus and activity – just what we need with such a busy lifestyle where focus and attention to detail is key. Not only that, but it has also been proven to comprise of natural anti-ageing properties which improve skin elasticity. Winner!

On a short side note, what first caught my attention was the purpose and passion behind Raw Essentials. The Roach Foundation was created by the founders of Raw Essentials in order to provide assistance to burns patients and their families during rehabilitation and the treatment of injuries. Of each Raw Essentials tea sold, $1 goes towards the Roach Foundation to give those who have suffered irreparable scars access to the best technology and service providers. This alone was enough to get me trying the tea, however it was to my absolute delight that the taste was unique and delicious. After tasting the Power Tea, I can honestly say I will be stocking up big time soon, and maybe even giving another blend or two a go (although I don’t know if I can pass on the Power tea). The am and pm Detox teas have my attention and are next up on my list.


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