Raw Essentials Luxury Bath Salts

How to use Raw Essentials Luxury Bath Salts?

Take a shower. Wash thoroughly before you attempt to take a detox salt bath. You want to wash away any additives like perfume, soap residue, or conditioner that could throw off the composition of your bath.

Give yourself enough time to take a 20 to 30 minute bath. Baths are not like showers, which are often rushed. Instead, they are meant to take longer, so that the body and mind can relax. To get the most benefit from your bath, plan on spending 20 to 30 minutes in the water at least.

  • Take a salt bath in the evening if you want to treat insomnia. Many people find that they rest better after a warm salt bath.
  • Taking the bath in the morning will help purge your body from toxins. Your body releases a lot of toxins while you sleep, pushing them towards the surface of the skin. A morning bath will get rid of these toxins the fastest.
  • Keep a glass of water nearby. You can quickly become dehydrated while taking a salt bath. Make sure you have a glass or water bottle near the edge of the tub to sip from while you soak.

Start filling your bathtub. Choose a temperature that is most comfortable for you. If you are using the salt bath to heal a skin condition, consider making the water no more than two degrees warmer than your body temperature. This will make it easier for your body to absorb the minerals from the salt bath.


Add two tablespoons of the bath salts to the bath. Add the bath salt while the tap is still running. Holding the salt under the running water will help it dissolve better.

Salt baths can place a lot of pressure on your circulatory system, so if you have poor heart circulation, heart disease, diabetes, or are pregnant, always check with your doctor first to be sure that you can safely take a salt bath. 

Soak for about 20-30 minutes. Soaking in a salt bath can be intense for your circulatory system and your muscles, so spend no more than 30 minutes in the tub. Even after that short amount of time in the salt water, you will likely feel weak when you get out of the bath.

Stand up carefully. When you’re done, drain the tub and rise slowly. Hold onto something sturdy, like the edge of the sink, as you attempt to climb out. If you begin to feel dizzy, sit down immediately and sip some more water until you feel ready to stand again.

The salt water is safe to leave on your skin. Rest for at least 30 minutes, since you will need some time to recover from the detox.

Make the experience even more relaxing by lighting a candle on the counter and playing soft music.


Raw Essentials Luxury Mineral Bath Salts

Raw Essentials Luxury Mineral Bath Salts are a delicate mixture of three types of baths salts – they are Dead Sea Salts (straight from the Dead Sea), Pink Himalayan Salts (out of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern Pakistan) and Epsom Salts. All of our salts are 100% pure and natural. Added to aid absorption is Hibiscus and Rose petals, plus a relaxing blend of essential oils All 3 salts are said to have health benefits when used as bath soaks due to nutritive elements through absorption by the skin.

  • Dead Sea Salts are found in the Dead Sea, which has a salt content of 29%, compared to 4% in the oceans. The major ions of Dead Sea water include: chloride, magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium.
  • Epsom Salts are magnesium sulphate heptahydrate (usually just shortened to magnesium sulphate). It was originally obtained by boiling down mineral waters at Epsom, England. Officially, Epsom is not actually a salt, but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate.
  • Pink Himalayan Salts are mined from the south-facing scarp of the Potwar Plateau in the Punjab region of northern Pakistan. It is buried amid mountains (literally) of sedimentary rock dating back over 500 million years ago. The salt that is taken out of here is revered as the purest of all the salts and is known as the ‘King Salt’ and originally served to royalty only (not common folk who used other salts) for both cooking and as a therapeutic ingredient. Indeed, Himalayan Salts, unlike Dead Sea salts and Epsom salts are the same salts used for food.
  •  Magnesium: aids sleep and relaxation promotes quick healing of skin tissue and provides the skin’s surface with anti-allergic elements, essential for cell metabolism.
  • Bromide: soothes skin, relaxes body muscles and calms nerves.
  • Chloride: combines with hydrogen in the stomach to make hydrochloric acid a powerful digestive enzyme.
  • Sodium: relieves stiffness and muscle cramps. Also a detoxifying agent, helping cells retain nourishment and expel waste.
  • Calcium: an essential mineral known to strengthen bones and teeth and cell membranes. Also cleanses pores.
  • Potassium: helps balance moisture in the skin and body, aiding in the reduction of water retention and in the nourishment of cells. Also regulates the nervous system.
  • Iodine: important for the correct function of the thyroid gland and aids metabolic exchanges
  • Sulfur: a natural disinfectant and detoxifying agent as it works with the liver to rid the body of toxins.
  • Zinc: when applied topically zinc is known to boost the immune system.

*Please note: Our only caveats are that people with sensitivities to Sulfur should not bath in Epsom salts and safety precautions should always be followed when soaking in baths – use caution getting in and out of any body of water, including the tub and avoid water that is too hot.

Benefits of Dead Sea Salts

The benefits of Dead Sea salt have been the most scientifically researched and tested of all the bath salts. Studies from across the globe have demonstrated the positive effect that Dead Sea salts can have on inflammatory diseases, including eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, roughness, skin redness and arthritis. This is thought to be linked to the high magnesium content in Dead Sea salts which binds water, influences epidermal proliferation and differentiation and enhances permeability barrier repair. The high bromide and magnesium in Dead Sea salt can relieve allergic reactions by cleansing.

Indeed, many hospitals, health bodies and dermatologists are advocates for Dead Sea salts as a natural remedy for these conditions.

A number of Eczema bodies, hospitals and dermatologists, including the National Eczema Association in the U.S.A. and the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, recommend bathing in salts to reduce the symptoms of eczema. In Australia (and other countries) there are dedicated therapy rooms that provide ‘salt therapy’ to assist adults and children with skin conditions such as eczema.

One of the most interesting studies to back this up is one by Dr J. Arndt, from Germany, on the effect of Dead Sea Bath Salts on patients suffering from psoriasis. Dr Arndt showed that most symptoms of the illness diminished within one week of treatment i.e. notable itch, scaling, joint complaints, and sleeping difficulties. Other parameters, such as the spread redness and infiltration decreased more slowly, but after four weeks the majority of the patients were essentially free from complaints. Pretty remarkable we think.

Rheumatic arthritis
Dead Sea Salts are known to assist with rheumatic arthritis. Studies in Germany and Israel have proven that bathing in a 2% bath solution at home can deliver significant benefits to sufferers of arthritis. These include reduction in morning stiffness, improvement in walk time, hand-grip strength, activities of daily living, circumference of proximal interphalangeal joints, number of active joints and serum levels of amyloid A, rheumatoid factor, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Stress and insomnia
A good old soak in Dead Sea salts is an excellent way to achieve deep relaxation. The combination of the warmth of the bath and the Dead Sea salts (which are a feast of minerals for the skin) assists with reducing stress, calming the mind and balancing emotions.

Muscle aches and pains
The minerals from Dead Sea salts can help improve blood circulation, which reduces inflammation and serves as a general muscle relaxant – this is mainly due to the potassium and bromide in Dead Sea Salts.


Benefits of Himalayan Salts

Improve the quality of skin
Pink Himalayan salt is said to clean and purify pores and make skin smoother and suppler – so you too can look like a Queen…or a King.

Inflammatory diseases
Like Dead Sea salts, Himalayan salts are also said to have a positive effect on common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions, rashes, dry and ageing skin, acne, as well as heal rashes, blisters and insect bites.

Prevent muscle cramping and soreness
Soaking in warm salty water can sooth cramping aches and pain. Like Dead Sea Salts, the minerals from Pink Himalayan Salts can help improve blood circulation, which reduces inflammation and serves as a general muscle relaxant – this is mainly due to the potassium and bromide. Interestingly, Himalayan Salts are said to alleviate the symptoms of PMS (we told you this salt keeps on giving).

Regulate sleep and decrease stress
Like other bath salts, Himalayan Salts are linked to better sleep and reduced stress. Bathing in warm, salty water (we recommend 20 minutes plus) is an excellent way to achieve deep relaxation. The combination of the warmth of the bath and the Himalayan Salts (which are a feast of minerals for the skin) assists with reducing stress, calming the mind and balancing emotions.


Benefits of Epsom Salts

Ease stress and relax the body
The magnesium in Epsom salts, once absorbed by the skin, have been said to produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the body, to create a feeling of calm and relaxation. In addition, magnesium has been linked to the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the energy packets made in the cells. Many say that regular soaking in Epsom salts will help you feel better and gain more energy.

Relieve pain and muscle cramps
There are a lot of athletes, personal trainers, gym junkies out there that swear by soaking in Epsom salts to ease muscle pain and reduce inflammation. Many athletes and amateur athletes soak in Epsom salts following physical activity to reduce muscle pain and promote recovery.

Eliminate toxins from the body
The sulphates in Epson salts have been claimed to have a detoxifying effect on the body (through flushing toxins and heavy metals from the skin) and improving nerve function by encouraging proper regulation of electrolytes. An Epsom salt soak is also said to encourage detoxification of drugs remaining in the body after surgery.

How do Bath Salts Work?

For many years there was debate about whether the minerals from bath salts could be absorbed into the human skin through soaking.

Luckily, in 2006 Rosemary Waring (a British biochemist at the University of Birmingham) put an end to the debate. She undertook scientific work which proved that magnesium is well absorbed by the skin through bathing. Waring measured this through measuring magnesium and sulphate in the blood and urine before and after people had bathed in Epsom salts. She found them to be higher after the baths – with 16 out of 19 people having more magnesium and sulphate in their blood after the baths than before. This has proven that the minerals from bath salts can be absorbed in to the human skin, which explains how they might work.



One of the most powerful anti-ageing plant actives, Hibiscus has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost. With the incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin, Hibiscus actively combats the ageing process by firming and lifting the skin. Due to the slightly exfoliating effect of the organic acids found in the plant, including citric acid and malic acid, Hibiscus helps to speed up cell turnover, resulting in a more even looking skin tone. Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are proven to help fight skin damaging free radicals which spawn when pollutants such as ultraviolet radiation and traffic pollution make contact with the skin, and can result in premature skin ageing. They also have slightly astringent properties, helping to reduce the appearance of large pores for a smoother complexion. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect and can help to soothe inflamed skin, making Hibiscus suitable for those prone to very sensitive skin.



As mentioned previously, Hibiscus contains gentle acids that have a slight exfoliating effect on the skin. Not only does this help with age spots, this Hibiscus benefit can encourage an all round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion. The natural acids present in Hibiscus help to purify your skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover, they can even help to control acne breakouts. Unlike harsh synthetic forms of these acids which can strip your skin of its natural oils, the organic acids from Hibiscus bring your skin back in balance for a naturally gorgeous, glowing complexion.


Lastly, Hibiscus has a naturally high mucilage content, a sticky substance produced by plants that help with the storage of water and food. Mucilage makes a fantastic natural skin moisturiser that is gentle on sensitive skin. This high mucilage content of Hibiscus enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture, which is a key factor in retaining a youthful complexion. The naturally moisture rich qualities of Hibiscus helps skin stay hydrated, soft and supple for longer, keeping dry, dull skin at bay.


Known as a powerful mood enhancer, add rose petals to a warm bath will help you get rid of feelings of anxiety. Apart from being a detox for your body, it will also help you sleep better.

Petals have many uses, they are ideal as a natural skin cleanser, and they act as antioxidants that fight free radicals.

Rosewater soothes irritated skin, brightens your complexion and tightens pores for a smooth appearance. And the petals give off a natural calming scent that has the power to melt away the day behind you.

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