“Quali-Tea” Test: How To Identify Quality Tea



This week, Janet’s in Capri and she’s brought her tea along with her 🇮🇹
In a country where quality, craftsmanship and longevity means everything, Raw Essentials fits in perfectly.

Discussing the beautiful standard of our herbal blends, the origins of the tea, and the fact that it can be re-infused three times, this week’s live show delves into the ways in which we can identify quality tea.



Hi, everyone. Janet Roach here, international tea master. International traveller at the moment, if you can see behind me, I’m in beautiful Capri. You see all the boats are out today. Wow, it looks fantastic. Mad dog lover, and I want to talk to you today about quality, quality of tea. I’ll tell you why it came up.

Up here in Capri, obviously, and when you eat tomatoes, and do any of you know, you get those tomatoes from the Mediterranean, and they’re sweet. They’re like a fruit. They’re classified as a fruit, but they taste like a fruit. They’ve got the most beautiful flavour, the most beautiful colour. They’re ripened in the sun. They’re absolutely spectacular.

We get the rucloa, and it’s really peppery to eat with it. You get the herbs, the lemons, the lemons are this big, and they’re the most wonderful, beautiful quality, and just how much of a difference that makes to what you’re eating.

That got me thinking about quality of our tea. The quality of our tea is one of the things that our girl, Nadine Eckert, who does our tea challenge, is one of the things that she continually is delighted with. She always says, “Janet, you should be so proud. The quality of your tea is so good,” and quality is so, so, so important to us.

I’m going to sit down. I don’t know how good I’m going to be with this. You were all jealous there in the background, having a look at all of those boats. If you would like to actually get our essentials pack, or I’ve written a book about detoxing. If you taketheteachallenge.com, we’ll send you our free book, and this special deal for you.

I want to go on about this quality, ok, I’m going to sit down and show you. I’ve got some of my things out here. I just wonder if I can get them into the shot. Here we go. You know my famous bottle that I’m just loving at the moment. I have a new little thing to carry. How gorgeous is that to carry my tea in? I talk to you about, say this one that I’ve got here, is a sleep tea. Heavens its hard to get the lid off whie holding this.

The way that you can tell good quality, is that our tea has not been mashed up into a powder. Our tea, let’s see if I can get it to see it down here. Our tea is, can you see there? I can’t see it, you can see it, because it’s so sunny. It’s such big, big pieces. It’s as unadulterated as you can get. You could separate all of that out. Now, actually quality is really the best thing.

You can reinfuse this tea three times, that’s one of the other things that having good quality tea will do. Just kind of talking about where we get our herbs. We get our herbs mainly from first world countries, so they’re fair trade, no GMO. If we find a wild field, we’ll put our foot on it if we can. See that it all can be, you can actually recognize what each of the things in this tea is. That’s got a lot to do with the quality.

The original book, the original tea that I put together, was a detox tea that I was making, fooling around with it myself, and I got Jake to drink it because he was unwell. Now, what the detox does, is it just boosts your own system that detox you. Give you the nutrients, and the micronutrients to do that.

I’ve written a book on detoxing, and it’s really good. There’s a lot of myths about detoxing. It’s free if you go to taketheteachallenge.com. You get a free copy of it, and I think you should really have a good look at it. It makes a big difference where these things are grown, and how they’re harvested. Our tea is anti radiated. As I said, the highest quality of herbs that we can buy. It makes the difference. Quality is what it’s all about.

I’d like to say one more time, taketheteachallenge.com. Go there about the detoxes. Know with confidence that you can reinfuse, we say three times, but I reinfuse it until the flavour’s gone, because the flavour is what the micro nutrients in that are, and while they’re still coming out, the tea is still good, and it can go through a long, long time.

I drink the tea all the time. I urge you to do the same. Have a go. Also, with our Tea Society Challenge. We just put out the third video. You should see the results that everybody is getting with that, and taketheteachallenge.com. This is Janet Roach. I’m going to show you the boats in the background one more time. I know you’re jealous, but somebody’s got to do it. How glorious is that. Sitting on this balcony, watching them all out there.

Janet Roach saying, think about the quality of the things that you’re putting into your body. It really, really is important, and particularly, ’cause as I said from being here, and seeing how beautiful the quality of the food is, I’m sure it makes a difference. Janet Roach saying, goodbye, and Nourish Yourself, taketheteachallenge.com. Bye.


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