Prepare For Teatox With Janet


Ha, this month will sure be different. It’s June, the start of a season, and that means a Raw Essential Teatox month begins in 3 sleeps.

In the past, prior to detoxing I overindulge in things I feel I will miss.

Not this time.
I have learnt.
Be prepared.
Make it easy on myself.
I know the first 4-5 days are challenging.

Instead of overindulging, I have found that if I am prepared in the kitchen, and being mindful in the days leading up to the beginning it seems to make it an easier transition on myself.

This weekend I am making a batch of Bone Broth. I will already have been drinking it in conjunction with my tea for a few days first.

Then, when I cut out sugar, dairy, wheat and everything processed and it makes the adjustment smoother. Here is the Bone Broth recipe I love. Make your Bone Broth in advance while you have the energy, to re-charge the body during detoxing and low energy.

I find it is the best thing to replace cravings for sugar. I make heaps for my boys and myself. Usually it doesn’t last long, but this time I am going to try freezing it.

On cold nights I steam carrots, onions, broccolini, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, whatever I have in my fridge and add them to hot Bone Broth, and I have dinner. Bone Broth is also full of minerals.

Then use this abundance to juice or add to Bone Broth. Be prepared for the teatox is the best advice I can give you!