Janet’s Secrets to not Gaining Weight While Travelling ✈️



It’s easy to pile on the pounds whilst on holiday. You’re constantly eating out, drinking in the evenings (even the daytime!) and skipping the daily exercise, it’s no wonder you come back home kilos heavier than when you left a mere week ago. This Tuesday, Janet spills her top tips on how to stay slim whilst making the most of your adventure away 🗺

Get ready to say bon voyage to any worries of gaining holiday weight!


Hi everyone, Janet Roach here from fabulous Lake Como in Italy. International tea master, mad dog lover, proud mother.

I’m probably not doing a very good job of this. It’s so annoying for me because I really want to talk to you about not putting on weight when you go on holiday, and there are so many fabulous things I could show you, but I can’t seem to get onto the Facebook without the Wi-Fi.

So, here I am on my balcony at the Villa D’este. Now, just to cut straight to the chase here. Oh my God, it’s a helicopter taking off. Oh, I’m sorry. Oh, okay. I hope you can hear me! See, there it is.

Anyway, when you’re on holiday … Now, the thing is that when you’re on holiday, you end up eating out every night, often during the day. You’re drinking, you’re enjoying your holiday. You’re not in the gym, you’re not doing any exercises. You come back, and you’ve already put on two or three kilos. And, you think, oh my God, was it really worth it? I’m going to work on taking it off. I have a bit of a different philosophy, and these are my tips.

This will, if you’d really like to know what it is that I use, go to re-eatclean.com. I’ve written a book about clean eating, and that really is the crux of what I do. So, the first thing is, we all eat out every night because we’re not at home.

The first thing I do is, I only ever order two entrees. I don’t go for the full long, big meal, and then you know, and an entree. And, often I don’t have dessert. Not for any reason other than I would prefer to eat fruit, particularly in the warm weather like this where I am, in Italy, but even if you’re not in Italy. The fresh produce of the area, if you’ve gone to the warm, is just so, so, so delicious, and it just keeps you feeling a little bit light.

The other thing I do is I always like to, when I get into a hotel or when I get to where I’m saying, is I go and I explore the grounds. So, that way I’m walking around. I get up, and I do something every day. As a matter of fact, today I’m going with my partner. That’s the lake behind us, it’s not too sunny today, which is why we chose it. We’re going to get a boat, and we’re going to go all the way around Lake Como, and have a really close look at all of the Villas.

Now, another thing that I like to do is that I take my tea, and I drink my tea. Now, really the main thing I’m interested in is getting you results. So, if you are really interested in getting some results, you should start drinking the tea. The instructions are there. And, go to re-eatclean.com.

We have a number of people that have been in our tea challenge. Every single one of them lost at least three kilos over four weeks. So, taking the tea with you is so important. You take two cups before each meal. Also, keeps you nicely hydrated, and it tastes beautiful. I put it over ice, and it’s absolutely delicious. So, to make the tea cold you put it into the fridge, and that’s it. The main thing that I’m interested in is getting you results, so keep moving when you’re on holiday. It really makes you feel fantastic.

Eat your local produce, and eat clean. Only have two entrees. Don’t go for all the full large dinner, and that. Or, the other thing that I sometimes do is, if I have a big lunch, I’ll have only a very small dinner. You don’t need to be doing that while you’re on holiday, anyway.

It’s time to feel so much more energized, particularly if the sun is there, you want to get out, and you want to get moving, and swimming. Don’t just lay under the umbrella all day, every day. You’ll have to come back, and you’ll pay for it.

This is Janet Roach saying, “nourish yourself.’ Now, don’t forget, if you’d like to get hold of this book that I’ve written, and it really, really will change your mind about what you should be eating. It’s called, “Clean Eating” by Janet Roach.

If you go to re-eatclean.com, get yourself a copy, it’s a free copy. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. And as I said, all I’m really interested in, is getting you results, and getting results. And, I think our tea challenge has proven every single person that entered the challenge lost weight. And, I certainly loved it.

This is Janet from Lake Como. I hope that you’re having as good a time as I am. I’ll be back to the cold soon and really, really loving my holiday. Getting ready to go on the boat. re-eatclean.com. Janet Roach saying, “nourish yourself.”


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