Before I started Raw Essentials Tea, I had never participated in any sort of detox diet. My mum had me drinking the Detox blends while I was recovering from my accident and they made a huge difference, but I never thought to take it a step further.

I hadn’t ever felt the need to do a cleanse. Being young and unaffected led me to believe I was living a healthy lifestyle. It’s interesting to see the misconception in the world about what is healthy and what isn’t.

Clever marketing can make a product be perceived as healthy when it actually isn’t.

This is happening everywhere! Superfood? More like super expensive food!

This is my fifth teatox and the second time following our Detox Diet protocols where we cut out sugar, wheat, grains, dairy, nuts, seeds, coffee and alcohol. During my last teatox, my brother (whom was also detoxing) and I would brainstorm with excitement what foods we will be able to consume once the teatox was over. After two weeks the voices died down and the teatox was over.

Once it was over, I found myself uninterested in any sort of sugar for the first 3 or 4 days as I simply had no desire for it. After a while you make allowances and things creep back in but I found that I was eating no way near as much of the bad stuff as I used too.

This has made the transition into the winter cleanse a breeze. The first few days presented me with a few headaches but that was the extent of it. It’s like going deeper down the rabbit hole of good reactions and having far less of the bad ones.

From about day 3 I have regained my favourite reaction to living healthy- which is not needing an alarm to wake up. Once detox starts and my diet purifies I wake up naturally before my alarm, alert and ready for the day. Mondayitis doesn’t exist.

I never feel sluggish, my body adjusts to no sugar and runs much smoother. It’s like I’m being powered by Optimax instead of the low octane fuel.

Lastly, doing a 28 day teatox is having a whole month dedicated to taking care of myself, kind of like me time, but for a whole month. During this month I try to do things a little different, I clear all my schedule so I can quiet the noise and minimise my life.

I stay away from bars and nightclubs and instead use my time to meet up with old friends over dinner or just hanging out. I make it a month where I can replenish and heal the soul along with detoxing the body.

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