Jake & Janet: Mother’s Day Edition Part I


Family has always taken the number one spot in my life. Mother’s Day is a very special day for me, and become even more so when I became a mother myself.

My mother is the most wonderful woman and I couldn’t have conjured up a better one. She gave birth to my sister and I before her 20th birthday. She was a young mum and as such was very playful and spent lots of time making clothes for dolls, and playing games with us. I always wished I could be the type of mother to my own children as she was to us.

I still speak to my own Mum every couple of days. Every problem or dilemma I experience we discuss. We talk about everything and I respect her advice very much. She is 76 and only retired from running her own property business in the last couple of years. She is such an inspiration. I cannot imagine my life without her.


One of my favourite memories of Mother’s Day is eavesdropping on my two sons, Jake and Paul, as they debated the best way to make me breakfast in bed. Paul being the older brother would oversee the process and Jake would inevitably muck something up so Paul would get mad at him and they would fight.

Eventually what arrived in bed was cold toast and tea. They would sit on the edge of the bed and watch me intently as I ate. Of course I would say how beautiful the breakfast was. Then they would fight again. Paul would say Jake burnt the toast. Round and round they went.

I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Happy Mother’s Day!