Ice Baths…Does Cold Therapy Make Your Immune System Stronger?



Ice baths…Does cold therapy make your immune system stronger?

Meeting up with Lars the Ice Viking, this week Janet discusses the benefits of plunging into freezing ice baths in order to boost immunity. Like last week’s Cryotherapy experience, ice baths have been proven to strengthen the immune system, as well as increase circulation, have an anti-inflammatory effect and speeds up the healing process. We’re about to find out just how effective this method is.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Meet Lars the Ice Viking, and discover how he first became interested in Cold Therapy?
  2. What inspired Lars Ice Baths?
  3. What ailments can Cold Therapy and Ice Baths assist with?
  4. How Lars convinces people to get into the ice? How Lars recommends building up your tolerance to the cold?
  5. What treatments regime does Lars recommend for Cold Therapy?



Janet: Does cold therapy really boost your immunity? I am Janet Roach, I’m mad dog lover, International Tea Master, and I’m here today with the Ice Viking, Lars the Ice Viking who is a real aficionado of cold therapy. After the cryotherapy from last week we thought, look, we got to speak to the guy that really knows what’s going on here and so, Lars, thank you very very much for having us.

And Lars can I ask you, how did you start getting into this, how did this interest you?

Lars: I think that started really early, do you know when we grow up back home in Sweden in the cold my dad taught me a lot about it and he used to kick us out in the snow when we were babies, and let us run around and we realized that we were never sick, so we got used to that very early in life you know. Yeah.

Janet: You know, and then I was talking to you before and I was saying, Lars, I was reading this thing about overseas, that these kindergartens, they were doing things like leaving the children out in all kinds of weather and keeping that instead of keeping them all inside during the cold, they had jackets and if it was raining they had hats, they took them out, gumboots and off they went. And they said it reduced the illness that they were having and passing around through these kindergartens by 80 per cent. So now Lars, that’s so how you became interested in it but how did you actually decide to, what inspired you and how did we end up with the Lars Ice Bath?

Lars: I think there was a big inspiration, we always had cold showers and that but when in the 90’s was when I followed a guy called Wim Hof, and started watching his documentaries and about three and a half years ago I actually did a retreat and a bit of work and this amazing guy taught me a lot of things and that’s how I got introduced to ice baths I think, you know, real ice baths. And just as with the kids and so on, mum puts too much clothes on the kid. Take them off, get them out, just let them just run around a bit in the cold weather. All that brown fat gets activated. Too much clothes, too much inflammation. Cold, we kill the inflammation. Trust me, I’ve done that. I’ve done all that research on myself.

Janet: Well there is too, I was talking last week about the fact what are myths about catching colds and flu. And one of the big myths we talked about was the myth about, Oh don’t go outside without your shoes on or don’t get cold, don’t forget your jacket because you’ll catch a cold. Now we know that you cannot catch a cold, because we’ve been talking about it in the last few weeks, you can’t catch a cold from being cold. And the thing that Lars was telling me just before was a lot of pain relief and stuff is because of the inflammation. So, can I ask you Lars, what are the things that you think that the cold therapy is good for?

Lars: Well, you know …

Janet: Look at the people, look at the camera.

Lars: Here we go. Look at this alright. We reduce stress, we improve the immune system, testosterone level, reduce inflammation, regulate hormones. Accelerating fat. I did about 35 days and 10 minutes every day and stop training and after 12 days I lost three kilo body fat and all my pain in my whole body was gone. And that was really an indication that all this is working. I’ve done all the research about this. And it feels heavy, but you just get in there, it’s just a mindset thing.

Janet: And other stuff that I have read about cold as well as far as I realize, you put down there accelerate fat loss. When I’ve been talking to other people and doing a lot of research on this, you use something like, and I might be wrong with your amounts, but you lose something like eight or nine hundred calories just from one … turn off the phone Lars … just from one go in here…

Lars: Sorry about that.

Janet: So look just quickly, I just want to say you know that I’ve written a book on immunity and if you guys would like to get a free copy, unfortunately I didn’t add things like the cold therapy that I’m really, really coming to learn is a wonderful treatment. So, but other things about immunity where I do dispel myths about how you actually do catch a cold. Now, if you would like a copy of this book it’s completely free. Please go to learn more button or go to the bottom and to the contents and find the link.

Now, another thing I wanted to ask you Lars. This is a really important one all right. How do you convince people to get in the ice. Now it’s cold, we all have jackets on and everything here. I notice when you came out you had bare feet, you had a tee shirt. When you first came up and gave me a kiss, you’d just hopped out of the ice bath and you were still wet.

Lars: Yeah.

Janet: Now, how do you convince them?

Lars: I have to say start at home with your warm showers. Turn that tap down a bit, day by day. Just day by day to come to cold. And then you start the other way. 10 seconds cold, next day maybe 20. Work yourselves up to three minutes. That’s a good way to start before you go in. But even if you don’t do that I’ll be able to help so you go in. We do a bit of nice breathing before, alkalising the body and it’s not really a problem. It’s all mind over matters.

Janet: Can I ask you then, do you think that it’s the sort of thing that you can work your way up to? As you say, start with the cold shower and you have to accept the fact that you know, then go into it, but with the ice bath can you like go longer and longer the more and more that you do it? Is it something that builds?

Lars: Not really. It’s like, it’s recommended two cold showers a day. Do your breathing in the morning and have a 10 minutes ice bath every week. That’s, that’s you don’t need to go much longer than that.

Janet: And you’re supposed to stay in the ice bath for 10 minutes.

Lars: Correct. And you can do that. But the first time we start between two and five, we see where you are at, we see where the pain is, we see how you reacting. So it’s all-safe, you know. And it’s good to do it with somebody first so you actually get the hang of it. And then you can do it with your friends. It’s all good. Or you can come here, or whatever you know. It’s just a simple way to do it, very simple.

Janet: Well you got to keep watching this because we actually going to put Jake into the ice bath. I did the cryotherapy last week but this week Jake is going to go into the ice bath. So then it’s going to be really, really interesting.

I’d like to ask you though Lars, for people out there, if you think about it when we watch on television that the football players, they always putting them into the sea or putting them into ice baths, so it’s a well accepted concept, the idea that to get rid of inflammation, get rid of pain and for your health that you would go into the cold.

So Lars, you are the Ice Viking and this guy is the gun. Where can we find you?

Lars: You can find me there at Lars Ice Baths. I got a website And then I have my phone number 0439-033-301 and I am Middle Park in a beautiful little area in Armstrong St, number one. A beautiful setup, so come and try the ice.

Janet: Yeah, absolutely nothing to lose.

Lars: And don’t forget to buy that book all right, because you got to get this book okay. Thank you.

Janet: I hope that you all really, really think about having a go and just one more time. I have written a book on immunity. Please, you have got to get your hands on this book. It’s completely free. Pass it around to your friends and family. Press the learn more button or go to the bottom to the link and watch this a little bit later on because I have to tell you that I think the most exciting thing I’m going to see is Jake going in the ice bath with Lars.

You know, I love … we start our tea challenge and so very soon we going to start posting some emails and what are they, skypes and things like that with our tea challenge people so you get to see how they’re going. I love to hear from you guys. You know that. Please keep the questions and that coming and it’s Janet Roach I’m interviewing this week and I just want to say, nourish yourselves. Thank you Lars.

Lars: Thank you very much. There you go.


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