Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Taking a Breather For Immunity.



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Taking a breather for Immunity.

A treatment primarily used for decompression sickness after scuba diving, HBOT can help with serious infections, as the oxygen helps to fight bacteria and stimulate growth, promoting healing within the body. Janet will be getting into the oxygen chamber for a full hour and discussing all of the benefits she experiences.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. What is HBOT? Janet’s initial reaction post treatment.
  2. What happens to the body during HBOT?
  3. Who would benefit from HBOT? What sort of ailments is HBOT useful for?
  4. Recommended usage of HBOT? How long and how often should you use HBOT?
  5. Alchemy Cryo contact details.



Janet Roach: Oh my goodness. That’s my favourite, I have to tell you that is, and I need to have this book, I need to buy one. It was absolutely amazing, Nitelle. Oh my goodness.

Hi everybody. My name’s Janet Roach. I am, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say, this is good for your brain. I am an international tea master, an avid dog lover, I’m just getting out of the hyperbaric chamber which was amazing, and this is my very, very good friend, thank you so much, Nitelle.

Nitelle, please come over here where we can see a little bit better, and I want to just ask you a few questions. Oh my goodness, I love this wall. Nitelle, that is absolutely amazing, absolutely amazing. So, just in case you don’t know, I am down here at Alchemy with Nitelle, and I have just been into the hyperbaric chamber for an hour. Now, I feel amazing, I have to say I probably prefer it to the cryotherapy, it is the most amazing feeling. What happened to me is I went in and I put the oxygen mask on, and as the chamber pressurized, everything became so relaxed, it was almost hard to stay awake, and I noticed that I had some sore muscles because I felt them all relaxing.

So, Nitelle, I want to ask you what actually was happening to me, if you could talk to our people that are watching, what actually happens when you go in there? Apart from the fact that I am sold, I’m buying ten treatments immediately, it was beautiful, I feel wonderful.

Nitelle: Yes, so you were resting inside the hyperbaric chamber for the past one hour, and you were really concentrated oxygen through a mask, and the chamber was pressurized to 1.5 atmospheres, so that’s equivalent to five meters below sea level.

Janet Roach: Five meters below?

Nitelle: Yes.

Janet Roach: And so, what does the fact that it’s pressurized do?

Nitelle: Yeah, so it concentrates the oxygen that you’re breathing, and that elevates the oxygen levels in your blood, and in your tissue, so that helps to circulate around your body and to your brain as well, and it can have a very relaxing effect, so it’s particularly very helpful then for mental function, and relieving stress.

Janet Roach: It’s really relaxing, it really, once it pressurizes, it’s just like you feel all of your body, I didn’t realize that I’m obviously a bit tense around here, I felt it very, very, really strongly, sort of, just going ‘hah’, underneath, and it’s something that I didn’t even realize.

Now, I was having a little bit of a look at the book, I adore that book, I’m definitely getting a copy. I want to ask you, so your body gets concentrated with oxygen, what does that do for you?

Nitelle: Yeah, so, a number of things. So, it’s particularly very helpful for reducing inflammation, swelling, and then also improving sleep, so it’s very good for your immune system in that way. And then we do have a lot of athletes that will use it for recovery in soft tissue sorts of injuries, because you’re oxygenating your blood, and it’s very helpful for that, too. There’s a lot of different effects.

Janet Roach: Yeah, I actually remember reading somewhere that Michael Jackson slept in one, he actually had his own and he used to sleep in it all the time, and I suppose that that’s because of the benefits that it gives you.

Now, I don’t know if you know, Nitelle, but I have actually written a book on immunity, I’m sure this will be amazing for immunity, but it’s got so many other great things. Now, it’s a free book, and particularly with the flu season and everything, that’s why we’re actually concentrating on immunity. Now if you would like to get a copy of our free book you could push the learn more button down below, and we’ll send you out one for free. http://bit.ly/31BZ366

It talks about the myths of colds and flu, and about different things that you can do that will boost your immunity, and there are a lot of things, and think about it, if your immunity is boosted there are so many, we’re talking mainly about colds and flu, but there are so many other wonderful, wonderful things, so many other diseases and things that your body won’t get when you have a nice strong immune system. http://bit.ly/31BZ366

Now, Nitelle, I want to ask you then, what sort of people, I was reading in the book about some of the things. What sort of things is it good for? I know that you’re saying for recovery, so what sort of people do you have that come in, that use the chamber?

Nitelle: So everyone from athletes, for recovery, but also many people just for relieving stress, improving cognitive function, and improving mental clarity, so those who have brain fog, for example, love to use it.

Janet Roach: Brain fog. One of the parts that I really, really loved when looking at the book, and this is why I’m so thrilled with this book, I went straight to the section that says ‘anti-aging’, and I just thought wow, this is absolutely fantastic, flooding your body with oxygen, I suppose it’s the same thing, that you’d go for a run, and you are inhaling and you’re getting all of that and oxygenating your blood, and this is a lot more relaxing than going for a run.

How often do you think is a good amount of times to use it?

Nitelle: Yeah, so it really varies, depending on your purpose. We certainly have athletes who may use it pre and post their games.

Janet Roach: I wonder why pre, because you think post is for recovery, what about pre?

Nitelle: For performance, for improving their sleep, making sure that they’re reducing that inflammation, speeding the healing process, or assisting the healing process for their body.

Janet Roach: So can you use it too many times? So if I were to say, okay Nitelle, I am absolutely addicted now, I’m going to come in once a week, is that too much?

Nitelle: Oh no, of course everyone’s different, but there definitely are those that like to use it once a week to relieve stress and keep their minds nice and clear, and also just for their immune system.

Janet Roach: And for the anti-aging, keeping oxygen all the time. So then, is an hour an optimum amount of time, or as I said, Michael Jackson slept in one, so is there, you know, the more time you’re in there the better? Can you have too much?

Nitelle: Yeah so, not necessarily, that’s right, an hour is sort of a sweet spot of time. So, at Alchemy Cryo we run one hour sessions, and it’s quite-

Janet Roach: Now, just so that you’ll know a little bit about Alchemy, Nitelle, can you tell us where you are and how we can contact you?

Nitelle: Yeah sure, so we’re here at Alchemy Cryo in South Yarra, you can go to alchemycryo.com and if you have any questions, feel free to pop in, we’re open seven days a week.

Janet Roach: And it’s number six Daly street, as she hasn’t bothered to tell you the address, and do you have a telephone number?

Excellent. Now, another thing that I wanted to ask you is, originally this sort of thing was started for diving, about depressurizing. What’s the actual pressure got to do with it? Because the pressure was actually the relaxing part, I thought, I don’t know about the oxygen, but I felt that being pressurized like that was this wonderful feeling of just relaxation, it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, if anything it felt amazing, being pressurized was an amazing feeling of just so much relaxation, it does something to your muscles.

Nitelle: Yes, exactly what you’re saying. A lot of people report feeling that way, where it’s sort of like compression and then it releases when you come back out of the chamber, you’re spot on.

Janet Roach: Yeah, I did notice that the relaxing feeling, as you turned it off and it started to depressurize, I really felt that I could feel the difference, it’s almost like it pushes you down and just really makes you into that heavy relaxation.

Nitelle: Exactly, it’s all about pressurizing that air, and also the oxygen, to just concentrate that oxygen and more flowing through the body.

Janet Roach: I love the book because it has so many things that it was really, really good for. I mean, Nitelle was just saying, in the book, and I don’t know how true it is, we’re not making any claims, it said that it was really good for people that had Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, it was amazing for people that had strokes. Alcohol abuse, I thought was a very interesting one that was in there, I was having a look at the things that it’s really good for. It’s really good for hearts. It is a really, really wonderful feeling treatment.

Now, as I said, I’ve written a book on immunity, I’d really, really like you to get your hands on this book. The hyperbaric chamber is also fabulous for your immune system, imagine, we’re talking at Raw Essentials about boosting your immune system, not about doing something that’s difficult, so it’s about nourishing and nurturing your immune system, and that’s exactly what this does. http://bit.ly/31BZ366

So I have a book that’s easy to read, you need to get it to your friends and family, it’s about immunity and I’d really, really like you to get a copy. If you’d like a copy now, we can send it out to you immediately, just push the learn more button and we’ll get it to you. http://bit.ly/31BZ366

Another thing that I wanted to just talk about is that we are thinking about offering samples. Now, if you would like a sample of our tea, and if would be free, it’s a free sample, we’ll send it out to you, you’d have to pay the postage, I think the postage is about a dollar, if you would like to just press the link below we can organize to send you out a free sample of our tea. One thing I want to say though, they are in single serve pouches, now these pouches, remember it’s loose tea in there, give it a little shake, and tear the corner. Don’t go like this because it’ll all go absolutely everywhere, and you know how we feel about only having loose tea.

So if you would like a free sample, and we’d love to get everyone drinking and tasting it, I know that once you start drinking it you will just become addicted to it like I am.

I’d just like to say, thank you so much, Nitelle, for having us. I am definitely, definitely going to buy ten treatments, I want to come in every week, this, I absolutely love, and I feel fantastic. Thank you for the opportunity.

Nitelle: I’m so glad.

Janet Roach: And the next thing we’re going to be putting up, is very soon we’re going to be putting up some of our tea challenge people who have started the tea challenge, wow, I really want you to hear what they’ve got to say about their journey, they’re all into it now for about a week, so we’re going to find out how they’re going in the first week.

I love to hear from you and I love your comments, please keep them coming, and I’d just like to say bye from Janet Roach this week.


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