It’s easy to take the opportunity of travelling abroad as a way to go off diet completely and enjoy local cuisines, as unhealthy as they may be. What if we took the same approach to our lifestyle while on holiday also?

A commitment is a commitment no matter what life throws your way.

Here are our top tips for sticking to your diet and tea goals while travelling.

1. Kitchen is life

Travelling can mean sampling local cuisine and eating out is on the menu for many meals. You can limit this by ensuring that your accomodation has a well-equipped kitchen – your wallet and gut will thank you later. Set yourself up to win by creating a structure to fulfil on your vision. If the vision is to eat well and pure, having a kitchen makes that a workable option.

An Airbnb or a serviced apartment is the perfect solution and much lighter on the pocket than a hotel. We favour an Airbnb as you are more likely to find a well-equipped kitchen and a host who will bend over backwards to accomodate you.

2. Eating well on the plane

Speak to your airline several days prior to your departure to discuss the available menu options. You will be able to alter your meal to a degree and ensure you stay fed while minimising the likelihood of disruption. Stick to fresh salads, meat and vegetable dishes with as little sauces as possible.

Do not eat the biscuits, yoghurts, cakes, chocolates. It will be tempting but just give them to your neighbour and move on.

You could also attempt next level plane adventures and bring your own meals OR fast during the flight.

3. Drinking well on the plane

Asking the flight attendants to brew tea for you in a ceramic teapot might not be a viable option. I know, crazy talk.

Instead, you can make your own teabags at home and request hot water to be brought to your seat as required.

Just add a teaspoon or two of your favourite loose leaf tea to a bag, pull the string and voila!

These teabags by Steep are disposable, multipurpose and made of natural unbleached filter paper. They’re also biodegradable.

4. Request an aisle seat

The window might be the favourite of many, but if you are drinking tea you might find you are that guy who needs to use the bathroom frequently. If stepping over strangers regularly on a flight is not your thing, get the aisle.

5. Make shopping a priority

Get to your destination, unpack and find your nearest supermarket and green grocer. Stock up on items immediately, especially for breakfast.

6. Make clean eating a priority

Being away means that as you travel and explore you will inevitably be eating out. Find places beforehand that are likely to cater to your needs and do not be shy about wanting to modify the menu to suit your requirements.

7. Eat lots of garlic.

Just because.

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