Hay Fever Season – The Most Affective Way to Alleviate Allergies Today

The Most Effective Way to Alleviate Allergies Today

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This Spring, there has been an unusually high amount of pollen in the air in Australia. People have been experiencing awful symptoms, with the knowledge that it is only going to get worse as the season wears on. If you experience hay fever, you’ll understand what a nightmare it is! This week, Janet spills her biggest tip on alleviating the symptoms of hay fever…it’s one you might not have heard of before.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Hay fever season is upon us.
  2. Is this years season been/going to be particularly bad?
  3. What causes hay fever?
  4. Hay fever seems to be getting worse every year. Is it actually getting worse?
  5. How to prevent your hay fever from getting worse?
  6. Other natural products that can assist the symptoms of hay fever.


Hello, it’s Janet Roach here. International tea master, proud mother and mad dog-lover. Keeping our immune systems up at ANY time of the year is integral to staying healthy. Now, whilst it is Spring and this time of year doesn’t necessarily correlate with things like the flu and colds, it does mean it’s hay fever season which can bring just as much discomfort. In fact, this time of year, people with asthma can be greatly affected which leads to hospital visits and a below par quality of day to day life, that can last for months. Can you feel your sinuses twitching now as I speak about runny noses, watery and puffy eyes and so many sneezes?

Now a couple of weeks ago I spoke to you about hay fever and drinking my Immune tea to maintain your immune system which will keep symptoms at bay. I want to re-visit this topic as I really think that I have some answers to your problems that will really help you. I’ve been noticing so many people this year have been suffering with hay fever, and a lot of you have been asking me what you can do. You’re at a complete loss. In fact, 1 in 5 people in Melbourne suffer from hay fever. Now, I wanted to do some more research into why this is the case and I found that this year, there has been an unusually high amount of pollen in the air.

I’ll come back to this in just a minute, but first, I wanted to let you know about a book I have written called ‘Supercharge Your Immunity’. This book is exactly what you’ve been looking for if you’re suffering from hay fever or a drop in your immune system. If your immune system isn’t working properly, you’re susceptible to so many diseases and illnesses. This book will give you the information you need about the science behind your immune system and what you can do to strengthen it. You can download this book, which is completely free of charge, by going to our free eBook page today.

So, grass pollen, which is what most people have allergies to, doesn’t come into season until the end of October. As we begin to near this time, it’s looking pretty dire, seeing as so many people are already being affected by hay fever. What’s it going to be like at the end of the month?! Well, there’s actually been an early onset of tree pollen this year. For example, the average daily concentration of ash pollen on September 21st was a whopping 1,500 grains per cubic metre of air. That’s called an extreme day and I really want to give you the tools to not be affected by such a high pollen count. In fact, with climate change, pollen counts are predicted to be on the rise…meaning year after year, your symptoms will be getting worse. Higher rates of temperature and increased rainfall mean more grass and trees releasing pollen. Winter rains have transformed western Victoria’s grazing lands into a teeming green this year which means symptoms will be SO much worse.

Did you know that with every single reaction, your hay fever symptoms will get worse and worse? It’s extremely important to nip symptoms in the bud right now and take preventative methods before you end up suffering. My Immune Tea has amazing properties to help you with your seasonal allergies and can be taken every day to build up and strengthen your immune system to decrease your hay fever symptoms. If you’d like to know more about how this tea works as well as the reasons why you have hay fever and suffer from allergies so much, then download my free ebook ‘Supercharge Your Immunity’ today by heading to our free eBook page. It’s a book I think everyone should read as no one likes suffering with awful and, in some cases, debilitating, symptoms. So, go to our free eBook page today to get all of this information for absolutely free.

I’ve also been doing some research into other preventative methods. Because that’s what my tea is. It is a preventative method, to keep immune systems up, in order to reduce runny noses and itchy eyes. So, whilst you’re drinking my tea and boosting your immune system, how about looking into the power of honey? I’m all about using natural food, flowers and herbs to help with health issues, so honey and my tea seems like a great alternative to pharmaceuticals. Which, by the way, can make you feel drowsy, lethargic and can really affect your day. Especially if you’re taking antihistamines every single day. Instead, having a very small amount of LOCAL honey could be the answer to building up a tolerance for seasonal pollen. Seeing as honey comes from pollenating bees, you’ll be ingesting a small amount of local pollen every day, which you’re usually affected by, in order to switch off your reaction to it. This is known as immunotherapy. Now, this could work, but if you’re affected by grass pollen, well, bees don’t pollenate grass, so this method is might be made redundant. But my tea method certainly isn’t! So keep drinking away and strengthening your systems to deal with all this pollen in the air this year…and in years to come.

To find out more about immunity, what the tea can do for you for your hay fever, then don’t forget to download my free ebook today by heading to our free eBook page. I really want to help you with your suffering this time of the year. I know how irritating and hard it can be. So do go and get your hands on my ebook. Until next time…And remember, Nourish Yourself.

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