Grounding Yourself: Why Barefoot is Better

Grounding Yourself: Why Barefoot is Better

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Always noticed that you feel better when surrounded by nature? Well, how about getting a little closer to it?

This week Janet discusses the phenomenon of earthing, a health practice that asks you to walk around barefoot in order to reap benefits such as a boosted immune system, better sleep, lower stress and a release in muscle tension.

Curious as to how this works? So are we!


Here’s what we cover:

  1. What is Grounding/Earthing?
  2. How to Ground/ Earth yourself?
  3. What happens as you Ground/Earth?
  4. Why we don’t Ground/Earth all the time?
  5. Positive benefits of Grounding/Earthing.



Hello everyone, it’s Janet Roach here. International tea master, proud mother, mad dog-lover and
today I want to talk to you about something that has been of interest to me for a little while now.

I read an article on this recently and it really captured my attention. It was about a new phenomenon
called ‘earthing’, or ‘grounding’, and it encourages people to walk around barefoot outside in order
to benefit from the earth’s natural electrical charge.

Now, getting closer to nature has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress and anxiety,
improve your mood and encourage creativity. The Japanese practice of ‘shinrin-yoku’ or ‘forest
bathing’ has been researched into to provide a wealth of psychological and physical health
benefits. This doesn’t mean bathing in a forest, either, it simply means being surrounded by
forestry and being out in nature. Being outside surrounded by trees and flowers has even been
proven to boost your immune system, which is incredible. This is because plants emit airborne
chemicals which are known as ‘phytoncides’ which we breathe in. These plant chemicals have
been proven to aid in the activity of our ‘killer cells’, which are cells that help our bodies to kill
disease. So the next time you feel a bit cooped up inside (and I know it’s been very easy to stay
inside over winter) get yourself into the great outdoors and surround yourself with trees and plants.
And, now that it’s finally officially Spring in Australia, it’s going to become a lot easier to get

Speaking of boosting your immune system, I actually have an incredible tea which will do just that.
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I want to come back to something I mentioned earlier, and that’s to do with earthing. So, earthing is
putting the body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth. It basically means that your skin
needs to be touching sand, soil, grass or water and most people do this by walking around
barefoot. When your feet touch the ground, free electrons from the earth’s negatively charged
surface are transferred into the body. In this modern world, our bodies have become far too
positively charged and so direct contact with the negatively charged earth will help to balance this
out. This all might sound a little bit strange, but there has been research that suggests that these
negative charges can help improve sleep, lower stress and reduce pain and muscle tension.
What is scary is the fact that many of us might go months or even years without directly touching
the earth! We stay indoors and go outside in rubber shoes which don’t let these negative charges
touch our skin.

According to emerging research…earthing is said to reduce inflammation, chronic pain, lower
stress and increase energy, normalise blood pressure and help to support adrenal health. Now, all
of these benefits are helping your whole immune system to stay strong, and will help you to uphold an overall healthy lifestyle. Even many cyclists on the Tour de France, supposedly including Lance
Armstrong, used an earthing recovery bag to speed recovery and increase sleep quality whilst on
their endurance race. And also various Olympic runners, swimmers and triathletes have reported
using Earthing and earthing methods as well.

This is an amazing idea and I’m keen to try it out to see a difference myself. Think back to times
where you’ve been on the beach on holiday and swam in the sea. Your bare feet and body touches
the ground and ocean water which help to ground you too and will change the charge of your body.
You always sleep better whilst abroad, and, whilst that’s often to do with a reduction of stress, it
might also be to do with earthing! So give yourself a little break and go walk barefoot on the beach
or grass for half an hour.

Another way to improve your immunity is to drink my Raw Essentials Immune Tea. I really find that
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Immune-boosting tips! Let me know if you have tried earthing and whether it’s worked for you or, if
you’re intrigued and are going to try it out. I’d love to hear from you. Get your ebook and Immune
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