The art of drinking tea is one that has been delicately cultivated for thousands of years, with many methods and traditions springing up around its’ consumption. The mass production and packaging of tea, however, is not necessarily the most efficient for those of us who love our herbal teas.

Here are a few reasons as to why our teas are loose-leaf:

1. When combined with hot water, tea leaves in each blend need time to unfurl, a tea bag restricts that process. Giving our herbs some extra space is imperative to obtaining maximum flavour.

2. We use unprocessed herbs in their natural state unlike the remnants you might experience in commercial brand teabags.

3. It is far better for the environment as often tea bags can be made from plastic, even those that say “biodegradable” can be treated with some plastic chemicals.

4. You also get what you pay for! Buying loose-leaf tea means that you’re not paying for the weight of the tea bag.

5. Tea drinking is a meditative experience that should not be rushed if it can be avoided. Taking the time and care with loose-leaf tea will create a more heightened experience, and with the ability to re-steep our teas, giving that little bit of extra time is always worth it.

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