We love everything tea, but why?

There are so many different benefits of drinking tea. Helping with things such as improved internal functions like digestion or bloating. It can help with fighting inflammation,  improving energy levels or cleansing your body.. and this is just to name a few.

There are, however, types of tea other than herbal, the most likely being Black tea.  What are the differences, and why do people drink one over the other? Let us explain!

The general benefits of drinking teas are quite broad, with both black and herbal types having positive effects. More specifically though, the differences in herbs used and processing change some things.

Black tea tends to be more oxidised, as well as lasting longer with a stronger flavour. Some studies have shown drinking blends within this type can be beneficial for aiding in cardiovascular diseases, this is of course amplified when there is no added sugar.

Herbal teas tend to have a broader range of herbs used within them. Because of this, herbal teas may target some issues more specifically. And due to the greater number of variations possible, herbal teas allow you to target any problems of your own more directly.

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