Behind The Scenes: Winter Is Coming

Winter with Raw Essentials Tea

It’s hard not to love our work here at Raw Essentials Tea, and today especially so. Winter is almost upon us and it’s time to get into your snugglies, heat up the fireplace and put on a pot of tea. And take our your fiercest winter staples. Predominantly black, if you’re in Melbourne, like us.

We had the incredibly talented Dijana Risteska on site to direct the photoshoot from start to finish.

Besides twisting our co-founders arms to model we also hosted Alana and Grace on set.

Grace flew to us all the way from Sydney. She’s obsessed with cats, coffee and the Rolling Stones. She’s been modelling for about 3 years and while she’s been a part of many shoots she states (time and time again) that shooting for Raw Essentials was one of her favourites because who doesn’t want to wear ugg boots, woolly socks and drink tea all day! You can follow Grace on Instagram @gracie_ireland

Alana is 25 and has had a long career in modeling for just over 10 years. She saved our life by rearranging her busy day when we realised we needed another model. Life gave us lemons, obviously we followed in Beyonce’s footsteps and made lemonade (ok, fine, we actually made tea.) When she’s not infront of the camera she’s kickboxing so don’t get on her bad side. You can follow Alana on Instagram @trampusic

We cannot wait to show you the complete photoshoot from today… Winter is most certainly coming and it’s time to spend your days and nights rugged up with your favourite blends.