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Has your skin dried out this winter? Is it not as smooth or youthful as it used to be? The cold weather can really affect your skin, as well as things like a lack of sleep, to stress and even the food you eat.

This week, Janet meets up with Jayde, a Dermal Clinician, to get to the bottom of these skin conditions and to give her advice on how to combat them after this long winter. Sleep might just be the biggest answer you’re looking for.

Jayde was also a participant of our Slim Tea Challenge, so we’ll be getting her thoughts on how she found drinking our Slim Tea for a month ☕️

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Meet Jayde Taylor: Dermal Clinician and participant in the Raw Essentials Tea Society Challenge.
  2. Jayde’s thoughts about her time on the Tea Challenge?
  3. What is a Dermal Clinician?
  4. Importance of having regular skin checks, by a qualified professional.
  5. Skin conditions likely to occur in winter?
  6. Skin care ingredients and regimes you can use to combat these conditions.
  7. Relationship between skin and sleep?
  8. How to contact Jayde?



Janet:                      Sleep your skin younger. I didn’t know you could sleep your skin younger, so I am here with the beautiful Jayde Taylor, hi Jayde, thank you so much for coming. Jayde was one of our Tea Society Challenge Participants, taking the Slim Tea Challenge. Now, I just want to say its Janet Roach here, International Tea Master, mad dog lover, proud mother, and this is one of our Facebook lives. Jayde Taylor, is a dermal clinician, Jayde was one of our Tea Society Participants, now Jayde, tell us how much weight you lost while you were in the Tea Challenge.

Jayde:                      Okay. Nonbeliever…

Janet:                      That’s right!

Jayde:                      Nonbeliever of herbs, nonbeliever of natural things.

Janet:                      And she told me that in the beginning.

Jayde:                      I did. I was like, “I don’t think this going to work”, but I lost 4 kilos and I didn’t change anything in my diet except incorporating the tea. And, I’ve put back on 1 kilo now because I was in Sydney last week, and I wasn’t drinking my tea, but…all good. Very Happy.

Janet:                      That’s good. Is it something that you can continue to do ?

Jayde:                      As I said to Jake, mum and I are going to… this is the part about lives now, this is just the part about days, in our regime and it’s just going to stay forever. Why not?

Janet:                      Why not? I do it. So, fantastic. Okay, so we’ll speak a bit more… later, about the challenge. But first, can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what is a dermal clinician? What do you do?

Jayde:                      Okay, so a dermal clinician is not a beauty therapist, we’re not a dermal therapist; we’re an Allied Health professional, who fills the gap between a nurse and a dermatologist. So, we’re very primarily skin focused. It’s a four-year bachelor of health science that needs to be completed, and there’s a huge focus on anatomy and physiology. Huge focus on physics never thought I’d be doing that in a million years. Biochemistry and cosmetic chemistry. So it’s very very evidence based, sciencey based.

Janet:                      Yeah, which is fantastic. Just before I came on with Jayde, I was at my dermatologist yesterday, I’m sure you saw me on my last Facebook Live, and I thought I was going to have three spots on the side that I saw, burnt off with a laser. He says while I’m here I can see others, and I thought okay, why don’t you. So I’ve got about 30 spots that were burnt off, but Jayde and I were talking, and I said, Oh, goodness, it’s good that we’re talking about skin, because look at my skin, look what I’ve done. And you said…

Jayde:                      I said it’s really important that Janet promotes the truth about her getting her skin checked. It’s really important that everyone out there is doing their best to get a skin check, because the problem is, we all live in Australia, and it’s really crucial that we’re on top of our skin, so that we are able to prevent skin cancer, and things like that. So I think it’s great that Janet is sharing that, because there are lots of things in my industry, I can’t treat people unless they’ve had a skin check. So-

Janet:                      Weren’t you saying things like, if you get with a laser that…

Jayde:                      So, if you haven’t had a skin check, and you get a laser treatment, that laser treatment could amplify some distorted DNA in your skin, and make something out of… maybe something that wasn’t so bad, create cancer. Could promote that DNA to go messed up, which is not what we want to do. I do not want to cause harm on anyone. So it’s really important to get your skin checked no matter how old you are, no matter whether you’ve lived in Australia your whole life or not, it’s important to be doing it at least once a year, or every six months.

Janet:                      And I’m a person that I look at my skin all the time, now I couldn’t see all these other spots, I went for three spots, and he had special glasses on, he saw the other spots. And another thing that actually my dermatologist picked up was, I’ve got a little… I’ve had eight stitches here, he picked up that I had a skin cancer when I was going to get him to have a look to do this, so it’s… So, so, so, important.

Jayde:                      Really important, yeah.

Janet:                      Now what kind of skin conditions are people likely to get this time of year? Like, dry skin, dermatitis, I don’t know, worsening acne?

Jayde:                      So, I want you to think about a hot humid environment. Let’s pretend we’re all on holiday, so you can understand what happens in winter. So, we’re in a hot humid climate, our skin’s fuller, it’s plumper, our hair goes frizzy and that’s because the hyaluronic acid with in our skin loves to bind to water. Now, in winter, that all changes. We’re indoors, we’re in heating, we’re having hot showers, but it’s not as humid, and we’re avoiding the sun, because it’s cold and nasty outside. So, this plays havoc on our skin. So, and particular, one little protein in our skin, which is called filaggrin. So he is the matchmaker in our skin. He loves to get our lipids, which is our oils and fats, and bind them with our skin cells. And in Winter, his matchmaking abilities are messed up, because it’s cold, it’s not humidity, and it’s kind of sad. So what happens is, because he can’t match make as much as he wants to, we have an alteration in our PH, we have a permeability in our barrier, so our barrier isn’t the same, you might notice your skin is starting to shed more, so you’re noticing it flaking and things like that, and you’re more dehydrated, and that’s because you’re getting more water loss.

So, this is how we combat it. We combat it with putting back hydration. So water back into the skin, to aid in the dehydration. We put oil back into the skin to aid in the dryness. But, if you’re someone who hasn’t got dry skin, you might have noticed that if you’ve got acne, you’re getting more breakouts in Winter. And this is because our oil glands are biosympatic, which means they react to the lack of humidity, they react to the lack of moisture.

Janet:                      For some reason, I would’ve thought it would be the other way, that in the warmer weather you would… you’d have more sebum, or something, and that would cause the acne. But clearly not, because it’s not blocked.

Jayde:                      No, it’s not blocked, so what’s happening is in the dry arid air, what’s happening is you haven’t… your skin is going on a bit dryer, I’m going to put more oil in the picture, and then what happens is you get more breakouts. So, it’s all about finding that really good balance based on your skin type, so your skin type is like, dry, normal, oil, combo, sensitive. And based on your skin conditions. So if you do have dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or acne, you may find that these things flare up in Winter. But that’s where I can help you with all of that.

Janet:                      Heavens. Jayde, talk us through some skin caring ingredients that we can use to help combat this.

Jayde:                      So-

Janet:                      So I’ve got very dry skin.

Jayde:                      You’ve got very dry skin. Well, I actually came up with… I’ve got my three Winter favourites, and they suit all skin types. So, I’m a serum lover, serum’s are like medication for the skin. That’s what I like to say its little medicine goes to the site where it’s most active. So, hyaluronic acid, so like I said to you it likes to bind to water, it’s obsessed with water, so we put more hyaluronic acid into our skin, we’re going to get more water brought in, even if it’s a dry environment.

Janet:                      It’s so strange, I always thought that the hyaluronic acid dried… helped in exfoliating off the dead skin cells. Not that it bound with water, so it’s very interesting, yes. And…

Jayde:                      Yeah, so it is an acid, but it’s not a scary acid. It’s a nice acid. I think that’s why some people think, oh, it’s going to make me shed, but no, it’s a nice acid.

Janet:                      So that’s one.

Jayde:                      Yeah, one. And the next one is vitamin B5 which is your panthenol. This is an anti-inflammatory, it’s a very hydrating ingredient, often used post surgery. So this is really going to help bring back that hydration.

Janet:                      Beautiful. And what’s number three?

Jayde:                      Number three is niacinamide vitamin B3. So, it’s… do you know about niacinamide?

Janet:                      No?

Jayde:                      No. Okay, so niacinamide is another anti-inflammatory. Bonus, it helps with pigmentation, but that’s not why I’m recommending it. It also helps with restoring lipids, making our lipids go in a more even way, whether you’re oily, or more dry. So if you’re dry, this niacinamide’s going to bring back the right amount of lipids or oils that you need.

Janet:                      So it brings you back to a balance.

Jayde:                      Yes.

Janet:                      Fantastic. Okay, so, what other things do you think that you can do? You’ve got your three, the three things that… those are your three things. Can you use those in combination?

Jayde:                      You can use those things in combination with each other, and it’s ideal to just use one serum at a time, AM, not PM. Or it can alternate each night.

Janet:                      Do you use your serum only in the evening?

Jayde:                      No, no. I would cleanse, and them I would put on my serum in the morning as well.

Janet:                      Under moisturizer?

Jayde:                      Yeah, under moisturizer.

Janet:                      Aren’t you sort of like… really getting very moisturized then?

Jayde:                      Yeah, so, moisturizer is a barrier to protect our skin, so the moisturizer is creating that barrier and locking in that serum. So I really recommend everyone has a serum, because that’s the most active thing in our skin care regime.

Janet:                      Excellent. Now, we were talking about you really, really… I want to get back to the challenge a bit. You love the slim challenge; I thought that you and your mum were absolutely hilarious. I loved it. Jayde is actually Sharon’s daughter, so Jayde Taylor, Sharon Taylor. Now, one of the other things that we were going to ask you about was were going to ask you if you would like to also do the sleep challenge.

Jayde:                      Yeah, I saw that, I’m totally down for that because I’m big a believer in beauty sleep. So I would absolutely love to take on the sleep challenge.

Janet:                      Oh, fantastic. So, with sleep, what other things that sleep deprivation… how does that affect your skin? Because I had no idea about this. I know how it affects your mood, it affects your weight, it affects your performance, it affects your memory, but oh my God, it affects your skin.

Jayde:                      It does, so, when we have a lack of sleep, you may notice you’re a bit more prone to stresses, whether it be the kids, schoolwork, whatever. Right? So that’s because we’re sort of rising our stress hormone called cortisol. And this in turn has an affect on the skin. So if we have a rising cortisol, what it actually does is, is it stops our cells from producing collagen, and elastin, and all the beautiful anti-aging things. It does. So there is such thing as beauty sleep, they’re really is…

Janet:                      And because we want collagen. Collagen is big at the moment. Everyone is talking about it, and I have to say, I’m a little bit not so sure about taking animal, whether it being cow, collagen, or fish collagen. Wouldn’t you be far better to do things to promote your own collagen?

Jayde:                      Absolutely. And so making sure that you’re getting sleep means that your collagen’s not being broken down. The other thing that happens is your barrier becomes impaired, and your skin thickens, and you’re also more prone to wrinkles. And you lose that glow that you have. So, and this cortisol hormone also affects skin conditions like acne, so you’ll get more breakouts if you’re not getting sleep. It’ll make you more dry if you’ve got dry skin, it’ll make you more oily if you’ve got oily skin, or if you got dermatitis, or eczema, or psoriasis. It’ll also flare up these conditions. So sleep is so vital to our health, to our mental health, try not to stress out, or basic… like resistance to daily stresses. And it’s also really helpful to our skin, and our skin health.

Janet:                      That’s absolutely amazing about our skin, because when you think about it, it makes sense. Now, if you’d like to get 25% off your sleep tea, and you know what, what are these guys? And your slim tea. If you’d like to go to and you let us know that you would be interested, we’ll give 25% off your tea. I didn’t realize that sleep was just so, so, so, so, detrimental to your skin. But it makes perfect sense. When you’re resting, there’s so many things that your body is doing while you are sleeping, that it just, the list is endless and that’s why everybody becomes so badly afflicted from not being able to have sleep. Okay. Now, Jayde, how would our people find you? How would they find you?

Jayde:                      Okay, so, if you want to find me, my personal Instagram, I actually have a little blog where I blog about all things beauty industry, because I driven by beauty, and I’m driven by you guys. So please hit me up on Instagram, @drivenbybeautyblog. If you’re more interested in me and my profession as a dermal clinician, please go to my Instagram, thedermalclinician and you see me there, and there’s a link to my webpage if you’re interested in coming in and having a treatment, or even just a skin analysis, and for me to have a look at what’s going on, and really find what works for you.

Janet:                      And I am so excited about having met some people that you make truly, on these challenges. I’m so excited about having met Jayde, that I’m going to ask her to do a little bit of an analysis on my skin, and stay tuned in the next couple of weeks, we’ll do some treatments, and listen, I’m up for it, you can see exactly what happened. Just see me without makeup a thousand times, and it’ll be interesting. I’ll just have to wait for these ones to-

Jayde:                      Heal?

Janet:                      Yeah, heal, and that would be fantastic. Now, Jayde, anything else that you would like to tell us about sleep?

Jayde:                      Well, it’s really important that you get REM sleep. So that’s the sleep where your eyes are fluttering, or you’re monitoring your partner’s eyes fluttering.

Janet:                      Is that while you’re dreaming or not?

Jayde:                      No. It’s your REM sleep. So your very deep sleep. So that’s the key to health. It’s not the dosing; it’s not having nanna naps. It’s about having that deep sleep. So, with the sleep tea, you can start a little nightly ritual, and you can- Yeah, a little nightly ritual, and you can let… allow the tea to build up in your system, so that you are having the proper sleep, a proper deeper sleep. It’s really important to make sure that you take the time, and you have a little bedtime ritual so that you can restore, and your body can renew itself overnight.

Janet:                      And that’s so true, because when we were talking about doing the sleep challenge, how the sleep challenge is actually to have a ritual. And there are a couple of other things that you can do to make sure that you get a really good sleep. But there are things in that sleep tea that will… the passion flower, that will help with anxiety, and there is an element in passion flower, that is actually one thing used for anxiety medication, only it’s in a natural form. The camomile will relax your body. So sometimes people will say well, it’s all right, why don’t you just stay there/ If you can’t get to sleep, it’s all right if you’re resting. No, you really do need the deep sleep. And to really get a deep sleep I’m just going to run quickly through the ritual.

The ritual will add things like, it’s very good to have a bath, because that will relax your body. And what it also does, is it will heat the temperature of your body up, and you sleep… we sleep in what I forgot what the name of it is, now. When our body cools down, as it cools down, it puts us into a very, very, relaxed state. So quite often it’s a good idea to have your sleep tea, have a couple of cups, I find that in other people who I’ve spoken to have said that it can take a wake of drinking it every night call a micronutrients to build up your system to really start, and then you’re really going to start to go into this deep sleep. Off all blue light for at least three quarters of an hour, some people say half an hour. But take off your telephones. Check it a half hour before you go to bed, and then leave it. Get off your computer. A really good thing is actually reading a book. That eye contact with the page, not your iPad or your computer, it’s really good because it turns the mind off. It helps to maybe think about something else.

Now, if you’d like to join our sleep challenge, and I urge you, you’re going to find out, Jayde’s going to have a go at it. It will change your life to get a good sleep. And it will do so much for your skin. So if you go to and put your details in, we’re going to send you our full… you’re going to get 25% off your tea. They’re all looking at me here, and shaking their heads. You are, you are. Don’t listen to anybody else. It’s so nice to speak to you all.

Jayde, I’d really like to thank you for coming, but we’d like to have you again, because I don’t think that we have… I think there’s so much more information that you can give us, and, I mean, we’re all beauty enthusiasts let’s face it. And the more we can learn from someone who’s done four years of training, the better. So thank you so much for coming. One more time, Jayde, tell them how they can find you.

Jayde:                      Thanks everyone! So personal go to Instagram, Drivenbybeautyblog, and for my professional Instagram to seek me as a dermal clinician, please go to @TheDermalClinician.

Janet:                      And can I ask, if people do go there and ask questions, will you answer?

Jayde:                      I’m always in my… I’m always getting things asked to me in my DM box, and I’m always answering them back, because… to understand, to just find some help in the skin condition or ailment like, to do with the skin, I’m happy to help people, because it’s awful feeling lost, and if I can help someone, that’s all I want to do.

Janet:                      And you’re actually going to get the real deal advice, not something that some anecdotal stuff.

Jayde:                      Very scientific.

Janet:                      Yeah, which is fabulous. Now if you’d like to get better sleep, don’t forget, This is Janet Roach we’re talking to Jayde again soon, and Jayde Taylor, saying goodbye and don’t forget, nourish yourself. Thank you, Jayde.



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