4000 people will die this year from a killer flu.


4000 people will die this year from a killer flu.

Here are a few tips Tips to make sure you are not one of them.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Flu Statistics
  2. Ways to defend against Flu and boosting your immune system
  3. Micronutrients and the role they play in fuelling your immune system
  4. Traditional Chinese Medicine methods for boosting your immune system
  5. Summary of all methods and tips for protecting and treating the Flu



4000 people will die this year from a killer flu

Tips to make sure you are not one of them.

My name is Janet Roach, I am an International Tea Master, mad dog lover, proud mum and the healing benefits of herbs and plants are my obsession.

We have just recorded the coldest May day since 2000. Experts are predicting the 2019 flu season will be the worst on record. It is estimated 4000 people will die with 60 deaths already recorded for the year. Things are bad; there are already 40,000 cases of laboratory confirmed flu cases so far this year. But the figure could be much higher since not everyone gets tested. Prevention should be very high on the to-do list at the moment. It’s not too late, but the time to act is now.

Whilst washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces is a very effective way to help you avoid the flu, your Immune system is your only defense against catching the flu. So making sure you have a powerful, fully functioning immune system is top priority now.

Stick with me for the next couple of minutes, I have a very special free gift for you at the end that will arm you with all the defenses you need.

I was getting very freaked out by the flu statistics in the news, I decided to do some research for myself. What I found out was so important, I wanted everyone to know as soon as possible, so I wrote a book called Supercharge your Immunity.

In it I list the most important vitamins and minerals for your immune system, and compare supplements and natural nutrients. I urge you to get a copy and read it as soon as you can. Simply click the link below in the contents or press the learn more button to get your free copy immediately. https://www.re-immunitea.com

Your immune system requires micronutrients as fuel for the functions it performs. Nearly 30 vitamins and minerals that your body cannot manufacture in sufficient amounts on its own, are called essential micronutrients. Swap out your water intake to something like a tea with micronutrients as a way to make sure you are nourishing your immune system.

In Chinese Medicine they recommend tapping the thymus, located behind the breastbone a few times a day like this, to stimulate the immune system. The thymus is a gland responsible for the manufacture of white blood cells. The body sends in white blood cells to fight infections and disease.

The Chinese also recommend using acupressure points to stimulate your immune system. The first one is called Stomach 36, Leg Three miles. It’s located one handbreadth below the bottom of the kneecap, one thumb width lateral to the shin. This is a point to boost immunity, digestion and energy. Press and knead in a clockwise motion for 10 minutes per day to gain benefits.

The second is called Spleen6, Three Yin Intersection. It’s located one hand-width above the inner anklebone, behind the shin. This point also stimulates the immune system as well as increases circulation, aids sleep and regulates water metabolism.

So, if you keep your hands and surfaces sterilized, and nourish and stimulate your immune system, chances are you will be one of the few who can say goodbye to colds and flu this year.

To arm you with all the information you need I have written a book called Supercharge your immunity. In it I dispel many popular myths about colds and flu and I lay out a do’s and don’ts checklist for flu prevention. What I found out when I researched this book was pretty surprising. I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible before it’s too late. I urge you to get a free copy of my book, simply click the link below in the contents, or press the learn more button and a copy will be sent out immediately. https://www.re-immunitea.com

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