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Discover a new sense of wellbeing and feel good everyday with our tea blends.

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6 Reasons Why you should drink Raw Essentials Tea.

Here’s why switching your daily water intake to Raw Essentials Premium Tea will transform your life.

1. Real, whole plants

Our bodies need both whole plants & herbs in their natural state to absorb the flood of anti-oxidants and nutrients released when steeped.

2. Perfect hot or cold

Replace your fizzy or sugary drinks with amazing tasting tea that actually works to empower your everyday lifestyle.

3. Supercharged Hydration

Water’s great, but tea’s better. Get hydrated and recharge at the same time with the added benefits of potent anti-oxidants and nutrients.

4. Rediscover me-time.

Be a part of a ritual as old as time itself. Open up your senses – steep, smell and sip the elixir for the mind and the body.

5. Aussie made & owned

Our teas are blended and packed in Australia by Australian owned companies to our strict Australian standards.

6. Feel better everywhere

Take your tea with you with our tea flask and top up on anti-oxidants and nutrients anywhere, anytime.

Five star, award-winning premium tea.

Read our latest reviews from our tea tribe!

Melanie Hawkes

I love the taste and is so strong I can have multiple cups from one tea bag! But I wish the tea bags weren't individually wrapped - so much waste! I'd love to see loose leaf tea sold in a tin that could be reused.

5 months ago
verified ownerverified owner

Tastes great and really curbs those cravings. My meal sizes are getting smaller and I am slowly but surely losing baby weight. So happy

5 months ago
Lena H.

A beautiful tea with the most gorgeous scent and flavour of roses that comes through. Feels like a very lovely treat after a long day.

5 months ago
verified ownerverified owner

I am a sleep therapist. I treat people who suffer from sleep apnea and have tested the sleep tea for some of my sleep apnea patients and friends who don’t. This tea has successfully exceeded my expectations and has really proven to calm the mind and body before going to sleep but of course two cups help as opposed to one cup of sleep tea. One cup definitely cuts your hours of sleep short and 2 cups allows you to sleep for duration.

8 months ago
M Harry

I highly recommend this Immune Tea, it’s not only delicious but really beneficial for my body and immune system! The ingredients are the perfect blend! Thank you for creating such an amazing tea x

8 months ago

This tea is liquid gold! My skin is absolutely glowing following daily drinking of the blend. Loving the convenience of the tea bag option too, I just pop one into my handbag and away I go!

9 months ago

I drink tumeric tea to treat my inflammation and have tried quite a few different types, but this one is my favourite. I'm re-purchasing a couple of boxes now. Would definitely recommend!

9 months ago
Jack apple

I brought from chemist warehouse for my mum just as a like a oh where try this and stop whingeing about hot flushes and going through menopause to my amazement it actually worked I love Janet she is my favourite housewife and now that this tea blend worked and so does the amazing sleep tea I will buy every time I run out

10 months ago

This is my go-to blend when I'm feeling that I might be sick, having pollen allergic reaction, having headache or just tired. As Immune tea, you'd expect strong herbal/honey/lemon taste, but this blend is very smooth and soothing. Sometimes I'd make this tea just because I miss the taste. Highly recommended after stressful situations as well.

11 months ago

Roach Foundation – Tea For Good

Proceeds from every tea go towards the Roach Foundation, a non-profit that provides much needed support to burns patients and their families during the treatment and the rehabilitation processes. Learn more.

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