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Immune, Sleep, Collagen & a black flask.

Our Favourite Award-winning Teas

Our blends won these medals in there particular fields for the efficacy and most of all, their taste.

  • Slim Tea

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  • Aphrodisiac Tea

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  • Menopause Tea

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Most popular/ Best selling tea

  • Collagen Tea

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  • Immune Tea

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  • Menopause Tea

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  • Slim Tea

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6 Reasons Why you should drink Raw Essentials Tea.

Real, whole plants

Our bodies need both whole plants & herbs in their natural state to absorb the flood of anti-oxidants and nutrients released when steeped.

Perfect hot or cold

Replace your fizzy or sugary drinks with amazing tasting tea that actually works to empower your everyday lifestyle.

Supercharged Hydration

Water’s great, but tea’s better. Get hydrated and recharge at the same time with the added benefits of potent anti-oxidants and nutrients.

Rediscover me-time.

Be a part of a ritual as old as time itself. Open up your senses – steep, smell and sip the elixir for the mind and the body.

Aussie made & owned

Our teas are blended and packed in Australia by Australian owned companies to our strict Australian standards.

Feel better everywhere

Take your tea with you with our tea flask and top up on anti-oxidants and nutrients anywhere, anytime.

Save with our tea packs.

Discover the week’s trending premium tea experiences and try one for yourself.

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    Fitness Tea Pack

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    Lover’s Bundle

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    Starter Pack

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Roach Foundation

Proceeds from every tea go to wards the Roach Foundation, a non-profit that provides much needed support to burns patients and their  families during the treatment and the rehabilitation processes

Five star, award-winning premium tea.

Read our latest reviews from our tea tribe!

2 weeks ago
Linda Anderson

It looks and sounds great,just hope it works as good as it sounds

1 month ago
Eric John Parker

This is the only remedy for my sleeplessness that has been effective for me.
The price is very affordable too.
I intend to continue using this as long as I need to.
My thanks to those who have laboured to make this.

2 months ago
Fani Nalovska
(verified owner)

I love this tea,and help me for the hot flashes and I’m feeling much better.

2 months ago

Best collagen tea on the market, great flavor, great color, great smell.

2 months ago

I love a herbal tea anyway - but really enjoy the taste of this tea - now that I'm working from home - I have it everyday for my morning tea break, and has the added benefits of being good for me

3 months ago
(verified owner)

Have one cup before bed n at the end so sleepy n ready for bed very good
Would be great if was tea bags but will buy again thankyou

10 months ago

For someone who is an avid coffee drinker I am hard to please when it comes to tea. I am converted, this tea is the perfect blend and taste. I used to consume at least six cups of Italian espressos a day or sometimes more, since starting this collagen tea I have cut down my coffee to one a day. The smell is also divine, I love how I can infuse it up to three times.

11 months ago
(verified owner)

love the bottles.
the tea stays so fresh

11 months ago

I personally don’t enjoy the taste but I trust the healing benefits of raw essentials tea so I continue to drink it. I add a teaspoon of the collagen tea and it completely masks the flavour for me